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Monday, October 10, 2011

A fabulous party!

I was invited to my friend Wanda's fabulous 50th birthday party!
The invitation said, "Just for fun, wear black, white and pink if you can". Well, you don't have to tell me twice! Hee hee! I had fun putting this outfit together!
When my husband took me birthday shopping, I found this fun blingy jewelry to wear to Wanda's party. I love the big ring! Aren't you excited that all the glitzy fun jewelry is in style again! I love it! I love the big jeweled rings! I love all of it!!!
I didn't have any cute shoes, so I simply hot-glued pink silk roses to my black flats!
Here's the birthday girl Wanda and I together! We both just turned 50. She is one of my oldest friends, we go all the way back to 7th grade! We met when we were 12 years old and have been friends ever since! Our birthdays are just three days apart and she doesn't ever let me forget that I'm older than she is! haha!

One day we were talking about our birthdays and we realized that we were both born in the same hospital and we were both in the nursery at the same time as newborns! We were born back in the days when  the mothers stayed in the hospital for five days after giving birth, so we were roomies in the nursery! Funny huh!
It was a fun party! Wanda's good friend Charlie put it on and she served lunch outside in her backyard. Here I am with Wanda's sister, Vonda and her daughter, Whitney.
I love all the fun decorations!
The food was delicious!
What a cute idea to put the gifts on the porch swing!
After lunch we went inside to watch Wanda open gifts. Here's her daughter, Haley, reading fun facts about the year Wanda was born, 1961.
It was cute to see all the guests dressed in black, white and pink! Charley, the hostess, is standing at the back of this photo.
Wanda's sister, Wendy, put together a video slide show presentation for Wanda.
It was really sweet and touched Wanda!
Wanda and Wendy.
Time to open gifts!
She's so cute! I love her shoes!
Hot pink latex "glam-gloves"!!!
Make a wish!!!
What a beautiful cake!
Three beautiful sisters, Vonda, Wanda and Wendy!
Wanda with her pretty daughters, Whitney and Haley.
Me with the three sisters.
Charlie's beautiful cat!
Wanda and Sharon....two 50 year old gals! We're just spring chickens! I am so thankful for my dear friend Wanda!

"A friend loveth at all times." Proverbs 17:17a

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
What a fun time you all had! Love the black/pink/white clothes on everyone; esp. your bling ring and necklace. What a cute idea to hot glue the silk flowers on your flats. It is so dear to have a cherished friend for all these years. I must say that neither of you look a day over 30. No joke! Wanda's sisters names are so cute; esp. when you say them all together. I can imagine their mom calling them all at the same time! LOL

I was born in the hospital w/my two friends from school...Karen on the 14th, Marirose on the 15th, and me on the 16th. Our mothers all shared the same room. We all lived in the same town (and still do.) Karen is an elem. teacher who teaches at our school and all of my children have had her. Marirose is a Biology college proff. at a nearby college. We don't all stay in touch, but it's always nice to see them when we bump into each other.

Sorry for long reply! :o)

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