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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our little friend Pancho...

I would like to introduce you to our new little friend, Pancho. Click on the short video above to see how adorable he is! (I thought I was taking a picture of him, but the camera was set on video, so I got this darling little video of him!)
My son, Hayden, was "dog-sitting" Pancho for four days for my co-worker, Sarah, while she was on vacation. Pancho is a 4 month old yellow lab.
These few pictures were taken as soon as they brought Pancho over. At first Blondie and Pancho both were very cautious, but then it quickly turned to excitement and play time! They ran and ran around the backyard chasing each other. They became fast friends!
Isn't he cute!
It's amazing how much they look alike!
We introduced MacGyver to Pancho, and that did not go so well. Pancho barked at MacGyver and MacGyver hissed at Pancho. However, MacGyver did enjoy eating Pancho's special puppy food! I am happy to say that by the end of the visit, these two became friends!
That night we had Pancho sleep outside with Blondie and this is what I saw when I peeked out the back door the next morning. They were both cuddled together so cute!
And I looked through another window and saw MacGyver sleeping near the two dogs in the wicker chair.
Oh my goodness, he is so cute!
Grayson LOVES dogs and he really enjoyed playing with Pancho and Blondie.
He was wrestling and tickling with them in the front yard.
Pancho is a little tubby thing! He's more husky than Blondie was at that age.
Grayson will be moving out soon and he really wants to get a yellow lab puppy when he moves out, so it was fun for him to play with Pancho.
The dogs were getting thirsty. Blondie went over to the bird bath and got a drink, so Pancho followed suit.
He had a hard time reaching the water though.
So Grayson taught him how to get up on his hind legs to get a drink!
Hey, Pancho, you're doing it!!!
Isn't he a dollie!
I went out side to check on everyone and this is what I found! It's so adorable. Grayson started working on his old car and he was so cute; he put all three of the pets in the car with him! It's just so funny and sweet, and I love it! (Grayson's working on something under the car in this picture.)
This picture cracks me up! Grayson bought this old Mercedes Benz because it has a diesel motor  which he is planning on taking out and putting it in his Jeep. The car works and he actually drives it sometimes, but the inside is completely trashed (notice the door with no interior). To me it looks like two ultra cool pups from the hood who are just chill'n out in the backseat of their beat up gangster car!
So funny!
This picture is hysterical! Look at Pancho's elbow resting on the arm rest!
H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.!!!! He looks like he's some cool dude cruzing for girls!
I couldn't believe that they just sat there waiting for Grayson!
The kitty was walking all around in the car.
This picture is funny, it looks like Pancho is driving his friends around. Love the dice hanging on the mirror!
Our pets sure enrich our lives!
Brittany and Pancho.
The two dogs were resting on the back porch after Hayden took them out for a fun time at the river to swim and play.
Everywhere that Blondie went, Pancho went. Everything that Blondie did, Pancho did. Here they are both all sprawled out taking a nap in the hot sun. Blondie is such a good babysitter!
 Sarah and her family came back to get Pancho and they were so happy to see him!
He was really happy to see them too!
A boy and his dog! What a sweet reunion for Christian and Pancho!
Oh little Mister Pancho, we sure enjoyed having you. We will miss you little guy!
Here's another video of the two dogs playing right after they met. This video is actually taken after they had calmed down a bit. When they first met, they were running around chasing each other nonstop. it was so delightful to watch. What fun we had!

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!" Psalm 150:6

Hugs, Sharon

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Erin said...

How sweet. I absolutely love animals and you have some cuties there.

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