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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lake Wikkiup: So much fun!!!

Good morning Sunshine! My sweet hubby got up early and is cooking us a great breakfast!
Mmmm! Fresh hot coffee in cute fishing mugs!
What a beautiful morning and a beautiful setting to spend some time in my Bible with the Lord!
The girls were up early playing fetch with the dogs!
After breakfast we decided to go up to the mountains and find some trails to take the quads on.
It was pretty dusty!
It was also so very beautiful and fun!
These are old logging roads. It's hard to believe that a logging truck could fit on this narrow roads!
I'm so happy that we bought these quads!
Wow, look at that gorgeous view! We went on a long ride and got good and tired and hungry! So we headed back to camp for some lunch and to rest a bit.
Now, this is the life! Blondie has the right idea!
The girls were having fun swimming. This lake is so beautiful!
We were just hanging out on the beach soaking in the sun and watching the girls play.
We saw several Bald Eagles. Every time I see an eagle, I get so excited; we don't get to see them that often. They are so majestic!
Later, Eric and I took a little romantic ride alone and stopped for a little snack.
We are having so much fun on these things!
I love these times we are sharing together!
We need to head back to camp, the kids should be here soon!
Eric's doing a little fishing.
Yea!!! The kids are here!!!
Grayson and Rachelle and Hayden are finally here! Woot whoo!
As soon as they unloaded everything, they wanted to get on the trails!
Grayson and Rachelle are so cute! They really dig this ride'n lifestyle!
Hayden's ready to ride!
Grayson on his cool dirt bike!
I took them to the spot we went to yesterday and I was so pleased that I jet right through it! Hayden followed me and did great too!
The only difference is that he looks ultra cool while doing it! Haha! I was so bummed because my camera battery went out right after I took this picture, so I missed getting Grayson and Rachelle going through it.

Grayson got through it great on his dirt bike, but Rachelle did not fair so well....her quad is a bit smaller and it could not make it. She got stuck right in the middle and when she pushed on the accelerator, it caused all this water and mud to fly out the back and it landed all over her head and shoulders. She was soaking! But I loved it because she was just laughing. She didn't get mad or cry. She was a real trooper. I was also really impressed with Grayson because he rescued her! We didn't have any rope, so he was clever and used his belt and attached it to the quad and to his bike and he pulled her out!
As soon as we got back, I got a new camera battery and took this picture of her. Oh my goodness! She got soooo muddy! She headed down to the lake to wash up.
While the kids were down at the water I snapped these neat pictures of them.
I think they turned out so pretty!
We're so happy that they're back together!
Time for an evening swim!
Time for dinner and time to cozy up around the fire! Hayden's cracking up at a joke that his father told him! Priceless! I love it!
What a great time we're having! I love Lake Wikkiup! I'm sad because we just have one more day....see you tomorrow!

"Am I not everywhere, in all the heavens and the earth?" Asks the Lord." Jeremiah 23:24

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Your camping trip looks like so much fun! Love the pictures. It's like I was tagging right along. Lake Wikkiup is gorgeous! So happy that you & Eric are enjoying the quads. Glad to see that Grayson & Rachells are back together. Cute pics of them by the lake w/Blondie.

Have a great day! :o)

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