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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lake Wikkiup: Dust bowl!

Good morning my little sunshines! Time to get up and go ride'n! The kids cracked me up, all three of them slept in the quad trailer instead of tents. They just thought that since they were staying only one night that this would be easier and I think they were right! It actually was a pretty smart idea except for the fact that the floor was a little hard!
This morning is our 28th wedding anniversary and we started it with a couple of cups of coffee and reading the Bible together, then we decided to take a quick little morning spin on the quads before breakfast.
We took Blondie with us again.
My man!
Ugh! Camping hair!
Grayson and Rachelle are ready for some breakfast!
Grayson and Hayden are playing fetch with the dogs before breakfast.
The lake is so peaceful and smooth in the mornings.
It's time to hit the trail! Let's go!!!
Hayden's giving us the thumbs up!
We went up to the mountains again, but this time we are going to the tippy top!
These old logging roads are even dustier than the ones we went on yesterday. Phewey! It's getting in my mouth!
Hayden's driving my quad, so I am riding with Eric. Cozy!
Grayson was right on our tail!
Wow, all of the sudden the terrain has changed quite a bit. It's because there was a big forest fire here about 8 years ago. It destroyed 21,000 acres of trees. They determined it was human caused, probably from a campfire. It was a devastating fire.
The trees are so sad and a little eerie looking, but I think it's beautiful in it's own way.
What a stark contrast between the dead, burnt trees, the new green vegetation growing and the deep periwinkle blue sky!
It's really sad to see the devastation that the fire caused, but it's really encouraging to see the new growth and new life here. Surprisingly, forest fires are actually a very healthy thing for the forests to go through by clearing away brush and creating necessary conditions for reseeding and continued healthy growth to occur.
I was snapping pictures as we were driving. I love this neat shot of Grayson and Rachelle following us.
Grayson's hot-dogging it!
Wow! He's brave!
Here's a pretty shot of the whole area with the burnt trees, mountains and the pretty lake.
Some of these old dead trees are so beautiful! The one in the center is magnificent with it's curled up limbs. It reminds me of the scary trees in the forest that Snow White was running through in the classic Disney cartoon.
We finally made it to the top!
Wow, what a view!
We can see Davis Lake down there.
This spot we are at used to be the Department of Forestry's fire lookout tower, which obviously burnt to the ground. We saw the original cement cornerstones still there.
Rachelle's pointing something out to Grayson.
Now Eric's pointing out something.
Now Vick's pointing out something!
I want in on the pointing fun!
Me with my love.
Grayson and Rachelle.
Our friend, Vick, actually saw a big creature in the woods a couple of years ago and he actually seriously thinks he might have seen a Big Foot. He teases and laughs about it all the time and often tells Big Foot stories that he makes up. I decided to tease him and draw some Big Foot foot prints in the sand!
He played along and acted like he was inspecting them!
On the way back down the trail we stopped and took in this gorgeous view.
It's the beautiful Three Sisters and Three-Fingered Jack. We had a great ride! It was hot and dusty. Let's head back to camp for a swim in the lake!
I had no idea how I looked and I was so shocked when I got back to camp and looked in the mirror! Hahaha! That's one way to make your teeth look whiter! hee hee!
I think when women get mud facials, this is not what they mean! Hahaha! I have NEVER been so dirty in my whole entire life!
We took a bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner down to the lake and we all swam and took baths!
The kids were having so much fun!
Grayson and Rachelle are trying to knock Hayden off the inner tube.
They did and then they got on and they both got knocked off!
This place is so much fun and so relaxing!
Rachelle's sunning herself and eating some lunch.
I'm being a good girl and sticking to my diet!
Hayden's taking a break from swimming.
The kids went riding again and we waited at camp and just relaxed a bit and had some coffee by the lake.
Here they come, Eric's rounding them up! First it's Hayden....
...then Grayson...
...and there's Rachelle.
Time to put our toys away and go home. :0(
Again, we enjoyed a beautiful drive home taking in all of the gorgeous Oregon terrain. We had such a great little weekend and a very happy anniversary. Next year I want to plan to stay for a week. I really do. It is such a relaxing beautiful place. 

"I will turn all My mountains into roads." Isaiah 49:11

Hugs, Sharon

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