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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hayden's captain of the football team!

It's a gorgeous September evening and we're anxiously anticipating the first football game of the season for our youngest son, Hayden! We traveled a bit to watch The Bulldog's vs. The Warrior's. I hope we have a great evening! Here come the Bulldog's onto the field! Gooooo Bulllldogggsss!!!! There's Hayden in the center running with his team. 
 I am just so proud of my son! My buttons are bursting and I'm beaming with pride! He was selected captain of the football team! We just found out Friday night! There are actually four captains. He's #14 there shaking the referee's hands.
 The captains walk out onto the field holding hands.... meet the other team captains.
 They shake hands and do the coin toss.
 I am so very proud of him.
 This was a personal goal of his this season. He really wanted to be a team captain for his senior year and he achieved his goal. The team captain must have strength, maturity, be responsible, have athletic ability and have leadership qualities. He really worked hard for this, but he was also praying about it and praying for God's will. Football is important to him, but it's certainly not everything, which I am proud of as well.
The Warriors had the ball first and our awesome defense shut them down very fast. The next play was just about 4 minutes into the game and Hayden was back way deep to receive the punt. Here he is running right after he caught it.
 His teammates are blocking for him and he's cutting the corner!
 Go Hayden go!!! Oh no, watch out for that big #44! He's 6'1 and 256 lbs trying to stop my 5"10 185 lb son! Be careful Hayden!
 I don't know how he did it, but he juked this way and that way and the guy had Hayden in his arms for a second, but Hayden broke loose and ran the ball down for a touch down!!! It was sooooo exciting!!! The funny thing is that in that scramble Hayden lost his shoe. If you enlarge the picture you can see it laying there on the field and he ran the last 20 yards with only one shoe on! This was another one of his goals, he wanted to score the first touchdown of the season and he did! :0)
Later he got a nice tackle.
 Here he is running with the ball again.
 This kid is busy! He's the wide receiver, defensive back, kicker, punter, kick returner, punt returner, field goal kicker! Whew!!! Oh, and he's also team captain. I want you to know that I'm just so proud and I'm sharing this with all of you, but Hayden is truly very humble about all of this and he doesn't talk much about it. He realizes that it's a team effort and he gives God the glory.
 Oh, bummer! I was so sad when this picture turned out blurry. The boys are going into the locker room at half time and Hayden looked right at me, smiled huge and gave the double thumbs up! I was so happy to see him so happy! The score: 22 to 0, Dawgs!!!
 Talking with one of his coaches.
 Getting directions for the next play from the head coach.
 I love it when we play against schools that allow fans to get close to the team. At our home games at our school,  the field is all roped off and our boys are across the field, so I never get close up shots. I am happy that I got this neat shot of him and his buddies on the sidelines. They pulled out the varsity boys when we got so far ahead and let the underclassmen play.
 We won the game!!! Bulldogs 44, Warriors 6. Here are the teams telling each other, "Good game". I love this tradition.
 The boys were so excited to win their first game!!!
 I'm so proud of my son! He had a great night!
Me and Hayden after the game.
 Proud father and son!
 They always talk about the highlights of the game.
 Cute kid!
 Hayden with a couple of the cheerleaders, his friends, Hannah and Destiny.
 I can't believe this is his senior year.
 He was sweaty and tired, but very happy!
 The frosting on our cake today was coming home from that great game and seeing Hayden's touchdown on the local news!
 I recorded it off of the TV and these are some still shots from it. Here's he's catching the ball.
 And it shows him running with the ball.
 His friend, Dakota, #4, was doing a good job of guarding him.
 He ran right by the stands and went on to get a touchdown!
 They also showed him getting a great tackle.
 Go #14!
They ended the news story showing him walking back to the locker-rooms. I love this shot.

I am sorry if this is boring to you, but I am so happy for him. It was a wonderful, fun night for all of us. I love football season!!!

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:6

Hugs, Sharon


Kathi said...

I'm so proud of my nephew! I like it that he set goals for himself and then achieved them. It is special that he is humble about his success and praises God. I can't wait to see him play for real. I love you, Kathi

adsgram said...

No need to apologize for this, Mama. You have every right to proud of Hayden. GO DAWGS!!! I hope they have a wonderful winning season with the 4 men they have as co captains!

Congratulations to Hayden for that TD as well


Mardell said...

I LOVE this post!! I can fully understand why you are so proud of Hayden. He is an amazing young man in all respects. That is SO cool that he was on the news. Wow! Congratulations Hayden. Good luck this season! Great pics, Sharon. :o) I love how you are such a great football mom. ♥

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