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Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Sharon, happy birthday to me!!! Today's my 50th birthday! I can't believe I've been around for that long, it just seems crazy to think that I'm that old! I normally wouldn't be going on and on about my birthday, but this year I'm excited!!!! I am 50 years old and I have received an awesome gift!

You want to know what the best gift that I got this year is? It's a gift I gave's the picture above! I have just recently lost 16 pounds. I am absolutely thrilled! I have not seen the scale this low in many years and truthfully, I didn't think I ever would get back down to this number again and I'm still losing!!!! I didn't even mean for this to coincide with my 50th birthday, it's just the way it worked out, but what a blessing!
This is me on 7/20/11 at my all time highest weight of 130.2 pounds right before I started my new diet. I should also mention that I am height challenged standing at only 5'2", so 130.2 pounds on my small frame is a lot of weight.

I have weighed around 105 pounds for most of my adult life until I hit age 43 and then I started gaining weight. Believe me, I have tried and tired over the years to drop this "mid-life" weight that I gained. Nothing was working and towards the end, this past spring, I felt like I was gaining a pound a day. It was so depressing. I decided to start a new controversial diet which was basically a body cleanse with very low calories. It has been exhilarating for me to drop this weight, especially in a relatively short time, I cannot even begin to tell you.
I couldn't believe it when I tried on this old dress I have held on to for many years and it actually fit! I have actually lost a few more pounds since I took this picture!!! Woot-whooo!
Here I am wearing it at age 37 at a ladies tea and fashion show at my mother-in-law's church.
Yes, it's the same dress and it fits like a glove!
The back of the picture says "Sept 1998 105 pounds".
Now I weigh 114.2 and some how I'm fitting into it. Granted, I don't have the firm legs and arms, but I fit into and I think it looks cute!
Here I am with Eric; we are heading to his 25th class reunion wearing the same little black dress. The back of the photo says "2003 102 pounds" I can tell my legs are thinner in this picture. Back then I was exercising twice a day; I did the treadmill in the morning for about 30-45 minutes and then I rollerbladed at night with the boys for about 20 minutes. Right now I am just walking for one hour three times a week. I am hoping to add in some more exercise soon.
No, I'm not as buff as the other pictures, but I'm 50 years old now and I am excited for me!!!
Here I am wearing some slim size 4 Calvin Klein jeans.
I can't tell you how much fun I am having wearing clothes again!
And the unexpected gift that came with the weight loss is that it is so nice to not hate myself anymore. I actually like how I look and am confident in how I look.  I know it's wrong to hate myself, God made my body and I am to treat it like a temple, but when I started gaining the weight I had self-loathing.

I don't think I was obsessed about it, but it was just so depressing to get dressed in the morning when nothing fit or looked good on me; or when I would cross my arms and feel my lumps on my back and I would be disgusted with myself as though it was my fault. I really don't think it was all my fault, I was not crazy overeating, in fact I was always trying to diet, exercise and eat low calories most of the time. The only thing I was guilty of was turning 40. I believe that I was in perimenopause and my metabolism slowed way down and my hormones were out of whack. This diet I went on reset my metabolism and balanced my hormones!
I still have a few rolls around my middle, but they have shrunk a lot. I have a waist again! I lost a lot of my "back fat". I went through my closet and was happy to find out that many of my clothes still fit, and I didn't have to go out and buy all new clothes, they now fit properly instead of my pouring myself into them. There were a few pieces that were just too big now and I gave them to Goodwill. Now when I go to my closet, I am not sad and depressed, I fit every single piece of clothing in my closet! No more fat jeans, no more depressing tiny jeans that don't fit! No more squeezing into jeans and having the fat roll over the top of the waistband creating the oh so dreaded  muffin-top.

The best gift I could have given myself for my 50th birthday was to lose this weight. I feel so good, I sleep better, have more energy and my back pain is virtually gone! I am absolutely delighted!!! Now I need to work hard at losing the last little bit and then keeping it off. The way this diet works is I am now in a stabilizing phase and I'm actually eating 1600 to 1700 calories a day. My new best friend and favorite snack food is two tablespoons of Adam's Natural Peanut Butter every day, a couple of times a day!!!
Here I am in 1971 at age 10 with my big haul from my birthday! 

Turning 50 is a big milestone and you hear about people getting sad about it, but I actually am not having a hard time with it at all, on the contrary, I am proud of my age and I definitely have lived all 50 of those years! I guess I feel good with where I'm at in my life. God has blessed me so much. I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart and my soul mate! I have four wonderful sons and a marvelous daughter-in-law, who are dong very well and I have great relationships with all of them. We have a lovely home, I have a good job, we're involved with our church, we have many friends and we do lots of fun things. Life is great!!!

Yes, I am happy to be 50 today and I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me this year!!!

"You satisfy me more than the richest of foods." Psalm 63:5

Hugs, Sharon


Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday;-) I am anxious to hear more about your diet!

Mardell said...

♪♫ Happy Birthday Sharon! ♫ ♪

You sure make "50" look good! :o) Congrats on the weight loss. I bet it does make you feel better. I think you're always pretty though, no matter what you weigh. Looking forward to learning how you did it.

Have fun on your special day! My brother turns 50 also today.

Birthday hugs,

PS: Have a great weekend.

adsgram said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon. Enjoy your day and your "new" wardrobe!


Rosie said...

Good for you, Sharon, on your weight loss! And Happy Birthday!

Jo~ said...

Happy Birthday Sharon, and congratulations on your weight loss. Looking forward to your new blog of how you did it.

I read your Back to school post, and thought "what a delightful read." Been there done that. I especially enjoyed your last thoughts of your family.
My best to you.

Sue said...

I am back Sharon, I just realized I was using my other google account when I posted my comment., please forgive me,. So I once again wish you a very Happy birthday, and congratulations on the weight loss. As one who has struggled with weight issues especially during menopause, I can relate.

Kathi said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister! You look adorable and sexy too!! I'm so happy for you!! Love, Kathi

Crows, Suds and Cinnamon said...

Congratulations, Sharon! You look wonderful. What a great gift to give yourself. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and can't wait to hear how you did it!

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