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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 27th birthday Mackenzie!

We recently celebrated our first-born's 27th birthday! I cannot believe he can be that old! His age shocks me more than my own age of 50 years old; how can I have a child that's that old? Anyway, we had a very fun night. His wife, Brittany, planned a very nice dinner party at a fun restaurant downtown.
She invited the whole family. Here's Grayson and Rachelle...
...and Eric and I. Unfortunately, Hayden could not make it as he had to work down at the gas station.
I am so proud of Mackenzie. He is doing fabulous! He's married to a beautiful girl (inside and out!) and they have a darling home, they make wonderful music together, they have tons of friends, he graduated from college this year and he has a wonderful new job. The Lord has certainly blessed him! It was so good to see him so happy and fulfilled!
I love our family. Every time we are together, we always have so much fun!
Mackenzie requested a new gas powered weed whacker and.....
...that's what we gave him! He got other nice gifts from the rest of the family, but I think his favorite gift was from Brittany, which was a romantic night's stay in Portland to see one of his favorite performers in concert! 
Happy birthday son, I love you so much! I hope that your 28th year is one of the best ever for you!!!

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

as always starzie said...

Dear Sharon,
I have been gone from home for about a month and I am enjoying catching up with all of the happenings with your lovely family. Your summer sure was filled with fun times and lots of love! Thank you for sharing!
God bless you!



PS I am still going thru a rough time and I so appreciate your prayers!

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