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Monday, August 15, 2011

You can't keep a good man down....

This is my incredible, capable, strong husband. He always amazes me with his stamina and "never say die" attitude. He has the energy and strength of a horse. He rarely takes a minute to rest, he is always on the go. Even when he gets sick or has had injuries, he will take the minimal time off to stay down and rest. So, when he recently had carpal tunnel surgery in his left wrist, I was not surprised at all by his activity level. Now this is not what you would consider a "major" surgery, but it is an invasive surgery which is traumatic to your body and he did go under full anesthesia. The doctor said to rest and take it easy for at least two weeks until he can go to his 2 week check-up appointment and this is Eric's idea of resting......

First of all, he drove himself to the hospital (under my protest) insisting he was able to drive back home himself. I was concerned because he was going to be fully under anesthesia during the surgery and it's just a good idea not to drive for several hours after that, but he did not want me to take off work just to drive him; he felt he was completely capable to drive himself back home. We compromised and he parked at our son Cameron's house who lives really close to the hospital and Cameron came and got him after surgery and he stayed there for about a half hour and then he drove home.  When I got home from work, I was kind of thinking that he might be inside laying in his lazy boy chair watching the news, but nope.....not my man, he was out in his man cave (the garage), tinkering around.

The next day he got up early as he had many errands to run; he had no time to rest.
Yep, the very next day after he came home from surgery, he went to town and bought the quads.
The doctor would cringe if he saw these pictures.
He HAD to get the quads out of the truck, so he HAD to make ramps real quick.
Thankfully, he's right handed and the surgery was on the left, so he was able to do all this crazy stuff.
He did what he could, but he needed to ask for a little help from Hayden.
Who has time to feel pain and discomfort when you've got a new toy to play with?
"It sure would be a lot more fun if I didn't have this darn painful wrist bugging me. I'll just shift with my right hand."
After he got the first quad out, they picked up the ramps.
And carried them to the garage.
"What's the big deal? It's just a little cut in my wrist, I can still do everything just fine!" lol! Then he did all this stuff again when he brought home the second quad! I didn't get any pictures, but after this he got another board, traced out the shape of the back of the quad, cut it out, cut boards and nailed them around this to make a box shape, found an old rug, cut it to the same shape and nailed it onto the board and then bungied it to the back of the quad for a place for our Blondie dog to sit on our outings.
I do want to mention that we give God the glory and are so thankful to Him for being with Eric through the surgery and recovery period. We were in prayer several weeks before it and of course all morning the day of surgery. I am so thankful to God for helping Eric through all of it.

The next day, day two after surgery, he went fishing and took his boat out to the river! He's nuts! That night when he got home, we went out to dinner with his folks and he drove the big truck. He said his wrist was feeling great except his fingers are still numb.
Then the next day after church we took the quads up to the woods to give them a spin. Click here to read about our adventure.
He laid out the ramps...
...and backed out the quad...
...and off we went!
We had such a great day. I kept checking on him and asking about his wrist, but he said he was feeling fine. I was worried he would aggravate it or break open the stitches, but it seemed to do great.
He had to move this big heavy fire box that they have to keep up on the unit, it's full of shovels and fire fighting tools. I asked him if he needed help and he said nope. He simply just did it with one hand.
The only time I've seen him lay down and rest is when he gets the flu, which, thankfully, does not happen very often. I am so impressed with him. I think a lot of men would just stay in, take it easy, watch movies, etc. a day after surgery, but not my guy. He works hard and plays hard. But you know, it's because he works so hard is why he gets to play hard. He has always worked so hard and provided for our family, he has a very high work ethic and is so good at what he does. We have a modest life, but because he has worked hard, he has been able to get his "boy toys" i.e; camper, boat, quads and we have had a good, fun life. We also want to give God the glory for Eric's blessed business and his good health. I pray every day with a heart of thanksgiving for God's protection over him and all of our family as well as good health and blessings over his business and our finances. I thank God for my husband.

I love him.

"Be diligent and hard-working." Proverbs 14:23

"Do not be lazy." I Thessalonians 5:14

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

An amazing hubby you have!! I hope he's on the quick mend. You take awesome pictures, Sharon. He's a lucky guy to have you for a wife. ♥♥

Kathi said...

Sharon, It's amazing how hard Eric works and he never feels sorry for himself. He is such a good example for your boys and nephews. Love ya, Kathi

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