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Friday, July 22, 2011

Umpqua River Trip: Testing of Faith...

I was thankful that I slept really well and I did not have any nightmares about the river, boats sinking or people drowning. I did, however, hear lots of rain in the night. Again, when I looked out my tent, this is what I saw.
Rain......lots of it!
This morning was worse than yesterday.
We forgot to pick up the chairs last night, so there was no place to sit.
I bet Grayson's glad he made his makeshift tent! He stayed dry!
Thank goodness Eric brought our pop up tent so he was able to cook breakfast.
It was miserable weather conditions.
There's my honey, the camp cook!
Well, hahaha, we had no shortage of meat!
The kids eating under the pop up.
Hayden decided he would brave the rain and get warm by the fire. It was amazing that we could even make a fire because everything was so wet!
Mackenzie came up with a great solution to keep his hair dry! Hahahaha!
Rachelle and Blondie packing up camp.

The boats all took on a lot of rain water.

Here we are back on the water. I hope we can manage to stay dry!
Brittany has a good idea! She's using a garbage bag as a poncho!
This was cracking me up. Their boat had so much water in it from the rain, so Mackenzie was bailing it out with this water suction gun and shooting it out. It worked great!
Oh, boo-whoo, this is just not fair. Usually, this would be a picture of suntan legs with bare feet and a cool Diet Pepsi in my hand. This year it's cold wet tennis shoes, tons of layers of clothes, a winter rain coat, a plastic garbage bag on my legs to keep them dry and I'm drinking hot coffee to stay warm. This is so not fair! ...(I'm exaggerating of course, it's just life and ya gotta take the bad with the good.)
Mackenzie's being his goofy self and doing some kind of dance.
Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!
The rapids are coming.
Oh, be still my heart.
I pray the kids will be safe going through them. These are not even the bad ones, but my nerves are shot.
I knew that fear would overcome me, so I pulled out my scriptures that I had written in advance and I just read through them and prayed.
"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee." Isaiah 43:2a
Well, good news, it stopped raining for a bit, so the boys jumped in to swim!
I love to watch them play in the water.
I'm so glad they're having fun, but now it's starting to sprinkle again.
Here's our friend, Vick, he has the right idea!
Blondie's keeping a close eye on the kids!
Oh no, here come the first Class III rapids. Lord please be with us. I usually get out, but this year because of all of the rain and the snow in the mountains that has been melting, the river was much higher than normal, so Eric felt that it was safe enough to stay in. So, I prepared to go through these rapids for the first time in my life. I was full of fear, but it happened so fast.
I survived!!!! It was pretty thrilling to go through, but unfortunately, a big wave came over the side of the boat and I got soaked! Just look at my legs! My jeans are soaked through, even my underwear are wet. My socks and tennis shoes are drenched. Now I turned around and watched the kids in their boats get through. Mackenzie and Grayson had the oars. Praise God they both came through just fine with no problems. After that little incident Eric had enough and he said we're shuttling on down the river as quickly as we can. The only thing left....
The Class IV rapids called Smith Ferry Rapids. For these rapids, everyone got out of the boats except the man on the oars. Eric took our boat down really quickly and I didn't get any pictures of him, but there goes Grayson. Lord please be with him!
And there goes Mackenzie. Please protect him Jesus.
Oh my gosh, this is really hard on a mom's heart! Look at that boat tip on it's side!
The water is so tumultuous and powerful.
Praise God! The boys got through just fine. I'm proud of them!
This river is so beautiful. Look at all those mini water falls (click on picture to see all the detail).
We waited at the bank for all the other boats to make it through and thankfully everyone did.
As per tradition, Hayden and Dustin did flips off the big boulders.
We stopped and watched them.
I slipped and fell on the rocks as I was running along the bank as the boats were going through the rapids. So now I'm not only wet, but I'm muddy too. :0(  I think I've had enough...
...but at least the kids are having fun.
Let's hook these babies up and motor on down the river to the boat ramp so we can get home!
Thank you Captain Eric for guiding us safely on this trip! We got settled in and started motoring down to the boat ramp when all of the sudden.......
....water fight!!!!
The boys started it and Eric was totally ready to play!
We had no defense except our water bailer....
....and it worked pretty darn good! Eric defended our boat valiantly with honor and valor.
And, I do believe he won this battle! He's my hero!
We were almost to the boat ramp and the boys noticed an old road sign in the bottom of the river. Hayden jumped in (it was only about three feet deep) and retrieved it and they brought it home. Sometimes the things my kids do make me laugh so much! What's really funny about it is the sign says "Pavement Ends" and it was at the bottom of the river!
Finally we're at the boat ramp. While Eric and the guys went and shuttled the rigs, Brittany, Rachelle and I went up and changed our clothes. Oh my goodness, it felt so good to get out of those wet clothes!
I was so proud of all of my boys (and Dustin too) for being so helpful at the boat ramp. The were the ones who got in the water and brought ever single boat up to the trailers.
They also helped carry up this big rubber raft. Team work!
Even though it was raining and cold, we did have lots of good memories. I am thankful for our family and thankful to God for protecting us and watching over us. I am ashamed that I let my fear get to me, but I do feel like I learned a great lesson on trusting God and taking my thoughts captive in obedience to Christ and giving them to God.

P.S. Click here to read my thoughts after we got back home.

"Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you." Psalm 55:22a

Hugs, Sharon

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Kathi said...

Sharon, What a wonderful story of faith and good times with your family; rain or shine. You have a brave and adventurous family. All of the trip looked fun. God is so good and so faithful. I love you, Kathi

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