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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Umpqua River Trip: Forecast....Rain

Well, I ended up sleeping really well, but unfortunately this is what I woke up to the next morning. Can you see all those rain drops on the top of our tent? :0( Yup, it rained last night, not just a little, but a lot.
Here's the view from my tent. The water is so pretty, unfortunately, though, it's kind of dark and dreary out there and the sand is all wet.
Blondie got up early and she's been playing in the rain. She's all wet. It doesn't seem to bother her!
This is where I get myself ready in the morning! Tight quarters huh! It's all fun though! I love it.
Wow, look at that dreary sky and you can see that the ground is all wet.
We had to keep going though and we were hoping that it would quit raining especially in time for us to start packing up the tents. Here's Eric and Vick cooking breakfast.
Good morning Mackenzie!
Eric and I eating delicious breakfast burritos.
Mackenzie and Brittany staying dry.
Well, it did stop raining and we were able to pack the boats pretty comfortably. Now it's time to get back on the water.
Here's the dreaded spot where the accident  happened last year. I was so fearful as we all went through it, but God was with us and we had no problems whatsoever.
The sun popped out just for a minute and Hayden took advantage of it and took a little swim.
Grayson and Rachelle.
I actually went fishing!
This is what I caught. It's a bass, but he's a little small, so we threw him back.
The boys were jumping off the rocks.
Then it started raining again. :0(
It wasn't a downpour, more of a constant drizzle.
Are we having fun yet?
Eric hooked all the boats up and we motored down quickly to the next stop. We wanted to set up the next camp in case it really started raining. This has NEVER happened to us on this river. It is usually a bright blue sky and we are dying of the heat and we all get sunburned. Well, not this year.
Hey...I see blue sky!!!
Wow, even though we have gray skies, isn't the water beautiful! It is so calm and looks like glass.
There's Mackenzie, Brittany and Cameron.
Land ahoy! Eric found our next camp spot.
These guys were cracking us up. They look like they are in some kind of water-world gang with their bandannas around their heads!
Yea!!! More blue sky! Maybe tomorrow will be gorgeous like usual!
It got so warm that Brittany put on her cute little yellow sundress!
And Grayson and Rachelle went swimming!
Oh, oh, Rachelle, you're going down!
They were having fun in the water!
Here's our campsite!
One  by one, my boys fell asleep! Here's Mackenzie...
....and Cameron...
...Grayson and...
Silly boys! What a hoot!
I took a little minute to have some quiet time with God. What a peaceful spot to spend with the Lord!
Hayden's shooting his slingshot and Blondie wishing she could go chase the rocks!
Eric was visiting with our friends that came along. We had  a pretty big group this year, we had 7 boats all together. I'm thankful for such neat friends!
How sweet, Mackenzie found Brittany a little daisy and put it in her hair!
Our friend's grandson, Caleb, caught a bunch of fish!!!
Eric's cleaning the fish for dinner!
We always have a fish fry on the second night and we eat all the fish that we caught that day! It's our tradition!
I brought some really good Cajun fish seasoning called "Slap Ya Mama".
It's very flavorful, but not too hot.
It's so fun to cook out in the wild like this!
After dredging the fish through the breading, Eric fried it in his gihugic "Man Pan" filled with oil.
Sushi anyone???
Mmmm! It's looking and smelling so good!
The kids were playing more of that game while they were waiting for dinner.
We started the fire and settled down to eat.
Rachelle and Brittany are having a great time.
Me and my honey!
Grayson cracked us all up! He thought it was gong to be sunny and hot as usual and he was planning on sleeping under the stars, so he didn't bring a tent. Well, we ended up having rain, so what should a guy do when he has no tent? He makes one of out a tarp, some logs he found and boulders! It looks like something out of the Flintstones!
It's getting dark and time to sit around the campfire. I love this picture of Hayden listing to his Dad tell a story.
I love this time of night!!!
It's so much fun sitting around the campfire and sharing jokes and stories. This time we had a real treat with our friend, Vick, telling very detailed stories about Big Foot! 

Again, I hope I can sleep tonight. Tomorrow we have to get through two sets of scary rapids. Lord, please protect us.

Good night...

"Rescue me and deliver me out of great waters." Psalm 144:76

Hugs, Sharon

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