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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shake your tail feathers!!!

So yesterday I showed you this neat rooster that I found at Goodwill. I think this is one of my most thrilling treasures that I have ever found at Goodwill. As soon as I saw him, I grabbed him and put him in my cart.
I was bummed to see the high price on the back...$24.99, which is a little steep for me, but I decided that he was too cool to leave behind. Somehow, I knew that he was special, but I did not know how special until I got home.
While at home I had time to really look at him closely and I saw this marking on the bottom. The maker is Fitz and Floyd, which I vaguely remembered from my old retail days as a very good company.
The details are impressive.
Look at those amazing tail feathers.
He's in wonderful condition.
He is very well made.
There is a lot of attention to detail.
I set him on top of the desk and I actually like him there. I think this will be his new home.
So, later in the evening I got on the internet and did an ebay search on Fitz and Floyd roosters. I was thrilled to find out that they are indeed very special and worth a lot! The one above is going for $169.00!
This one is going for $179.95!
And this one is going for $239.95! I could not find one identical to mine, but these are all very similar. They are the same size and they have neat bases where their feet are.
I am thrilled that he's worth a lot, but I am mostly thrilled with how he looks.
I have wanted a cool ceramic old world looking rooster like this for a long, long time and I finally got one! What a fun blessing! I think he was totally worth $24.99!!!

"Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually." I Chronicles 16:11

Hugs, Sharon


Kathi said...

Yay!! I love it when we find something special like this rooster. He is really cool, Sharon. I would love to come to your house for a visit soon. I will let you know if it works in the next week or after school starts. Love ya, Kathi ps I posted about you today.

Shelley said...

Great find....I enjoyed your last two post as well...the houses you shared are wonderful favorite was the one you showed so many pictures the colors...the same I have picked for my mobile home when I get a chance to get it painted...thanks for sharing everything...blessings.

Sue said...

Sharon I am sitting here smiling as I read this, and know the feeling you are feeling, to have found a treasure at such a good price. He is so stunning, and It looks like he has found the perfect place to strut his stuff, thank you for sharing.

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