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Monday, August 29, 2011

Queen for a day!

This is my mother, Queen Shirley! We had a big family birthday party for her to celebrate her 74th birthday. Here she is in her glory wearing her diamond encrusted birthday tiara! :0)
We held it at their house because we wanted to make sure and have at least one more party in  their pretty backyard for all the grandkids to remember. Because of my parent's health concerns, we really don't know what the future holds, so I thought,  "Let's have a big party to make Mom feel special and make great memories for the whole family!" I told my sisters about my idea and they loved it!
I brought over two of the tables and we used my parents patio table. We used Mom's china, which is a blue transferware pattern by Johnson Brothers on one table, my sister Kathi's pretty blue dishes on another and my Blue Willow on the third table. It was fun to use Mom's china because she's had our whole life but I think we only ate off of it one time
I also brought the tablecloths and center pieces.
Kathi and I planned to decorate the tables similarly to how we did it at the ladies' tea that we held in her apple orchard last summer.
These are Mom's pretty dishes.
Mom got to eat off of the "You are Special Today" plate!
These are my Blue Willow dishes.
I think they look really cute on the blue checkered tablecloth.
These are Kathi's pretty dishes that she found at the Dollar Tree for only one dollar a piece! Crazy, huh!
She also brought the cute blue and white throw that we used as a table topper.
Cousins! Samuel, Hayden, Joseph and Whitney.
My Daddy with Kathi's husband, Stacey.
Sisters! Kelli, Kathi and Sharon. I love them!!!
I just missed Mackenzie hugging his Grammie, but I got this neat picture of him about to shake Grandpa's hand.
Kelli and Dad.
Cameron visiting with his grandpa.
Grayson and Rachelle arrived bringing a pretty bouquet of flowers for Grammie.
Cameron, Grayson, Mom and Rachelle.
Grammie laughing with her grandkids,  Jessica and Samuel.
Brittany and Rachelle.
She received a lot of gifts!
Mom, Kelli, Brittany and Rachelle talking out in the yard.
My sweet Mom and Dad. They've been married for 55 years!
Us three girls with our parents.
Here's most of the grandkids (and significant others) with Grammie and Grandpa. We were missing Wade's three daughters, Jade, Alex and Drew because they live in California. Sadly, we are missing my sweet little niece Haley, who died 16 years ago at age 4 of a brain tumor. She would be 20 years old now and I'm sure she would be beautiful smiling here with her cousins and grandparents.
Oopps...this one is a mess-up! Hahaha!  After this we all got in a circle and held hands and prayed. My brother, Wade, arrived in time to pray with us, so it was really special to have my parents, and all four of us siblings with almost all of 15 grandkids standing in a circle holding hands and hearing my father's gentle voice saying a blessing over the meal. May the circle be unbroken!
Mmmmm! It's time to eat!!! Us girls all brought salads.
And Brittany made two beautiful cakes.
She was so sweet and she called my mother and asked her what's her favorite flavor of cake and my mother requested lemon, so Brittany made this gorgeous lemon curd layer cake.
She also made a beautiful vanilla cake with chocolate ganache.
Eric smoked two rib eye roasts.
It turned out delicious!
Daddy looks like he's building a beautiful plate of food!
Kelli was so sweet and made up Mom's plate.
We had really great salads and side dishes. My son, Cameron, was so sweet and brought a delicious dish of baked zucchini! He never ceases to amaze me!
Kathi's being sweet and she's pouring ice tea for everyone.
Mom enjoying her birthday dinner!
Rib eye roast, baked beans, broccoli/grape salad, baked zucchini, Jello fluff salad and garlic bread. Delicious!
Eric, Grayson, Rachelle, Brittany, Mackenzie, Whitney and Cameron enjoying their meal.
Ralph and Kelli.
The kiddie table....haha...Garret, Jessica, Samuel, Victoria, Hayden and Joseph.
Harrison's girlfriend, Niki was so very sweet and she just jumped in and started doing the dishes!
Then everyone else joined in.
There was lots of work to do, but we had many hands to help. Aren't pictures of women busy in the kitchen fun!
Time to light the candles!
The wind was blowing and threatening to snuff out the candles!
Happy birthday to you!
Make a wish!
Brittany and Rachelle cutting and serving the cake.
Hayden talking with my brother, Wade.
Eric and Stacey shooting the breeze.
After we had cake we pulled out four boxes of fabric that Mom had. She has decided she will not sew any more, so we had a "Grab and Go" where all the girls got to dig through it and pick what they wanted.
It was fun to watch them and see them inspired with sewing project ideas.
Kelli, Kathi and I also picked what we wanted.
Mom was happy to give it to people who appreciated it and will use it.
Me and Cameron.
Time to open presents!
She got many lovely gifts and cards.
We had so much fun.
There is nothing like spending an evening with family.
I am so happy that we got together had this party for mom. It was a special night.  I really love and appreciate my family.
Happy birthday Mom! Thank you for taking such good care of me when I was little and teaching me many things. Thank you for giving me a home full of love.  I love you!

"Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." Exodus 20:12

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

Sharon, you always have such wonderful idea that make everyone feel so special. I looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Happy "belated" Birthday to your Mother.

Sue said...

Wishing you Mom, Shirley a belated but very Happy Birthday wish, Everything looked great, enjoyed all of the photos.

Kathi said...

The party was wonderful. Thank you for planning the whole thing. All of it was perfect. I love you, Kathi

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