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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our fun has quadrupled!

 Look what we bought! We bought two quads!!!
 Eric brought them home and it was so exciting! Hayden was in his room and I yelled up at him to look out the window and he actually climbed out his window to get a closer look!
 He's pretty excited!
 I'm excited too. Oh my goodness, I hate this picture of me. I recently have lost 9 pounds and this is definitely my "before" picture.
 Here they are unloading it.
 Eric needed a little help from Hayden.
 I love the look on Eric's face!
 We have never owned quads before, so this is pretty exciting for all of us!
 Eric had fun driving it up into the garage.
 Eric and Hayden are picking up the ramps. For some reason, I just love this picture.
 The next Sunday after church Eric and I took them up to the woods!
 We drove up to the logging unit where he has been working to check out the roads. It has been really muddy up there, so they guys need the quads to get up to the job site.
 Eric had to unlock the gate to the private land.
 My handsome guy!
 It was so pretty up there, I just kept taking pictures. The woods are gorgeous. I think this picture of me captured in the mirror is cool.
 We drove a long time to the top of the mountain.
 It's breath taking up here!
 Well, this is as far as we go, the dirt road has turned to mud, so we got out the quad!

 First things, first....
 ...Eric attached the little lunch that I packed to the front of the quad.
 Weeeeee! Here we go!
 I'm so naughty, I was holding onto Eric with one hand and holding onto my camera with the other!
 It was so fun!
 I was on cloud nine!
 It reminds me of horseback riding!
 It's free and liberating!
 I loved the wind blowing in my hair and I loved holding onto my hubby!
 We couldn't have been in a more beautiful place!
 We drove up a 4-1/2 mile trail!
 Fun! Fun! Fun!
 We're almost to the top!
 Can you see all those felled trees right there?
 My husband and his crew cut all of them! That's a lot of work!
 I'm so proud of my husband.
 We had such a great ride together!
 Wow! There are so many trees!
 You can see where the land has been clear cut. This whole patch of land will be replanted next year.
 We were starving, so we drove to some shade and stopped for lunch.
 The menu? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips and cookies!
 Now it's my turn to drive!!!!
 Oh my goodness, I LOVE it!!!
 I have a new hobby! I love four-wheel'n!
 Well, our little trip is over, time to pack her back up!
 This is a big Cat that they use on the unit. I can't believe how huge it is!
 We drove around and Eric looked at the next unit.
 The trees are so amazing!
 I am so thankful for my husband. He works so hard and he has built his successful timber falling company through his high work ethic, integrity and with God's help. We give God the glory for everything.
 Oh, and in case you're wondering, we did buy helmets. We didn't have time to pick them up at the time of our first ride, but we went to town and bought some. Also, because we are new at this, we only went about 15 miles per hour. We are very cautious and careful.
 We also picked up some other accessories that we needed.
 How do I look?
 Eric looks like a spaceman!
I am totally excited that we have a new fun thing to do and I am especially excited that this is something that Eric and I can do together! Turn up your speakers and turn off my play list and then click below to see us go!!!

"I will turn all My mountains into roads." Isaiah 49:11

Hugs, Sharon


Molly's Art Designs said...

I love the video clip--especially with the song in the background! I wanted to invite you to take a look at my etsy store--I have been trying to get back into painting!
The name of my shop is Molly Moore Designs, but I think you will have to go to Etsy and type in the name of one of my paintings, and then click on the painting to see the shop. The best painting name to enter is Rosie Bowl - a silly name, but it seems to work! I am trying to test and see if the shop is easy to find or not! Have enjoyed reading your posts! Blessings-Molly

Kathi said...

Sharon, What fun fun fun!! I love it! You look cute in the picture, but I do notice how much thinner you look now! You always look pretty and cute. I'm so happy you got the four wheelers. Love ya, Kathi

Molly's Art Designs said...

The vintage Bar-B-Q plates are so cute! You really know how to find cute pieces! Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my etsy store. The painting has been a fun outlet for me since my girls are older and very busy now! I totally think you should try painting--you have such an eye for pretty dishes and vintage items--I think that would give your work an interesting flair! Blessings- Molly

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