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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Midas touch!

So, I've had this very cool Gothic looking amber ring from the 70s in my jewelry box for about 15 years, never wearing it once because it is too beat up. The "gold" has worn off badly, so it just didn't look right. I don't know why I never threw it away, but I'm glad I didn't!
The other day when I wore my leopard print outfit with matching accessories, I though it would be fun to wear a big dinner ring since they are in fashion right now. This one would go perfectly with my outfit, except it was in such bad condition. So what's a clever, crafty girl supposed to do?
She completely covers the pretty amber stone with masking tape and....
.....spray paints the ring with a new fresh coat of gold paint!
Wow! It turned out pretty!
Isn't that stone gorgeous!
No, it's not perfect, I can still see bits of the silvery metal coming through on the prongs, but... looks pretty darn good!
I believe it is probably an old Avon ring from the 1960s or 1970s. I think it is soooo cool!
It coordinates really well with my leopard print purse and my amber jeweled bracelet!
I'm so glad I finally painted this ring, now I get to enjoy it after sitting in my jewelry box for 15 years!!!
Excuse me dahlings....but someone very important with lots of status from my social circle is calling me, I really simply must go. Tah tah for now! Haha!

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30

Hugs, Sharon


Sue said...

I say WOW! Too Sharon looks great thanks for the idea.

Kathi said...

Looks fantastic, Sharon! You always amaze me. Kathi

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