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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life with a new kitten...

We have had this darling little guy for about two months now and he has brought so much happiness and joy to our family.
He's officially Hayden's kitten, but he's become the whole family's pet, including our dog, Blondie!
Hayden loves MacGyver.
Oh, honey, you are soooo cute!
He's just so precious!
Cameron and MacGyver.
Brittany and MacGyver.
Mackenzie and MacGyver. Ummmm.....not quite sure what to say here! My son is a nut! He's an adorable nut!
We were watching TV and I looked over at Eric and he had MacGyver on his lap all wrapped in a towel to stay cozy.
He's just the cutest little kitten.
I showed you this picture before, but it is so cute, it's worth reposting. Grayson, Blondie and MacGyver snoozing.
I thought this was so cute. Hayden was munching on mac and cheese and MacGyver was starring at it.
This picture is so cute the way MacGyver's looking up at Hayden.
It's really fun to watch him play...
...and sleep!
New best friends, Blondie and MacGyver.
He's so soft and has such pretty eyes!
He's so precious!
My friend Shelley and I were on a morning walk and here comes Hayden pulling up to us. He was so cute! He had Blondie in the back of the truck and MacGyver inside with him. He put MacGyver up to the steering wheel as though he was driving!
This is just the sweetest thing!
Funny kitten trying to get in the back door.
We temporarily turned our main powder room into a makeshift home for MacGyver. This actually worked out really great because he was contained to a small area, but it was big enough for comfort and playtime. We only put him in there at bedtime and when we were gone from the house. I got the idea to put the litter-box in the bathtub from my son and his wife. It works well because if they make a mess, it's really easy to clean up. Actually, now that he is older, he has free range of the whole house.
Cameron came walking out of the house with a kitty in his pocket!
Isn't this picture sweet of the two of them looking at each other!
Uh, oh! Naughty kitten found the toilet paper!
I love this kitty!
Hanging out with Eric in the garage and watching TV.
Is he not adorable!
Hayden chill'n with Blondie and MacGyver. So sweet!
Blondie and MacGyver love to wrestle. They do this every evening! They are so cute!
Hayden likes kitty in the car day!
I used to do this with our cat every so often back when the boys were little and I think it's so cute that Hayden likes to do it!
Nap time!
He even plays X-Box! Hahaha! I love this picture. He is an absolutely adorable cat and you guessed it, he's worked his way into all of our hearts!

"For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield." Psalm 9:9

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Your kitty is absolutely adorable and he's obviously spoiled already! Sooooo CUTE. I love how Blondie and him get along. The x-box control pic. had my son and I cracking up. :o) We have six kittens right now (outdoor kitties.) They were born on May 1st. We could play w/them all day.

I've been having trouble posting remarks lately, so that's why I've been absent. I hope this goes through. Love the "Midas Touch" on the bling ring. You're so clever!


Sue said...

Sharon, this is one cool cat, loved all photos, but my favorite is the one with him and Eric watching TV in the garage.

Molly's Art Designs said...

What a cute post!

Kathi said...

Oh what a sweet kitty. I love that Cameron is so cute putting his kitty in his pocket. I love it. I love cats too. Love, Kathi

Rosie said...

He is adorable! Love all the pics, especially the one where he's curled up with Blondie!

Rosie said...

Hi Sharon, your new kitten is adorable! Love all the pics, especially the one where he is curled up with Blondie!

Rosie said...

Oops, sorry...looks like my comment went in twice. Wasn't sure if the first one went thru, but I see it did!

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