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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Football scrimmage!!!

 It was a beautiful warm summer August evening. Eric and I drove down to the high school to watch the boys scrimmage.
 They divided the varsity and junior varsity football teams into two teams and they played a little practice game and invited all of the parents to watch.
 It's crazy to think that football season is starting all ready!
 Eric and I just want to soak all of this in as this will be our last season watching our boys play football. The players do not have numbers on their jersies, but it's not hard for us to pick out Hayden.....
 .....there he is!
 He always stands like that with one leg straight and the other slightly bent. I can always pick him out in a crowd by his stance!
 The boys were looking good out there, but it's time for a break.
 We were up in the bleachers and I was so thrilled when I saw them walk over to the side to get water and I just happened to be right there to get these cool pictures! Do you see Hayden there at about 2:00, he has the black jersey in his famous stance!
 He was the only one I saw who was rinsing out his helmet. I yelled down at him and asked him why he was doing that and he said to get the sweat out so he won't get acne. Smart kid!
 He was also smart and waited on the outskirts and let the other guys get their drinks so that he could drink easier by himself.
 Eric was yelling down at him teasing him, telling him to get back out there on the field. :0) I love the teasing bantering that goes back and forth between my boys and their Dad.
 Well, they're back at it!
 They are looking pretty sharp out there!
 Hayden did a great job of receiving and running with the ball as well as he got some good tackles in.
 He even made a touchdown!
 That's Hayden in the black who was carrying the ball and he just got tackled.
 We talked to him after the scrimmage.
Wow, it's so hard to believe that next week is our first game! I hope we win! I hope that this will be a great season for the Bulldogs and for Hayden!

"Be diligent and hard-working" Proverbs 14:23

Hugs, Sharon

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