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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Darling houses....

While my sister, Kathi, and I were out garage sale-ing we saw so many darling houses and we both started taking pictures of them. So sit back and enjoy this little tour of homes. Click on the pictures to see enlarge them.
 The one above actually is a barn, but isn't it so cute! I love all the antiques and flowers out front.
Here's a classic white farm house with a darling white picket fence around it.
This looks like a house from a fairytale.
The lady that lives here has a little shop in a studio on the side of her home. We walked around her house and she let us take pictures.
It is so cute. I love this front porch and I love her home colors. That cool old fashioned green with burgundy and cream's so peaceful and serene.
Here's a pretty bird bath filled with moss, hens and chicks and cement birds.
The daisies out front make it look so friendly!
She had a great garden too. Both Kathi and I loved her scarecrow!
Here kitty was sleeping sweetly in the shaded straw.
She had the cutest seating area set in the middle of her grape arbor.
What a great idea!
I loved her garden area. The raised beds are beautiful and I love the green grass path.
I want a garden like this!
It's filled with wild flowers too! Okay, I think we've seen all of her home. Let's walk a little and see some other cute homes.
Look at this cutie! It's pink with a sweet green door and she has black wrought iron furniture out front.
What a cute porch railing this one has!
Kathi and I both loved this one. It's actually a Bed and Breakfast.
Isn't that window box above the porch adorable!
Again, cheerful daisies are planted in front.
They're the happy flower!
What a gladsome way to greet guests!
This little yellow house is one my favorites. I love the picket fence all the way around it.
This is a very cool old house. It has an amazing bay window on the right side of the house.
This house is simple, but so cute. It really makes a difference to cheer up your house with pots of flowers.
Here's a cute one!
I think this is the same basic floor plan, but it has some changes.
This Tudor style sure is pretty.
I'm not sure what style this house is, but it sure is unique and I love it that it's so manicured.
Wow, this is a stately looking place! It's so big and beautiful!
This one is as cute as a button. It reminds me of a piece of cake! I love the pink! My great grandmother Bessie lived in a house similar to this one, but her's was green.
Okay, are you seeing a theme here? I love old fashioned homes with front porches and dormers! I really like the brick steps out front.
Here's a pretty one.
I think I'd love to live in this one!
Wow! Pretty!
I also am drawn to brick exteriors. If I ever get to build a home, I would definitely have some brickwork somewhere on my home.
I usually am not a big Victorian fan because they are a little too fancy for me, but wow, I really love this one! I would love to have that rounded front porch. I know there is a term for that, but I'm not sure what it is. It seems like it would be so fun to have brunch out there!
This one has such cute detailing.
There is something about a house like this that takes my breath away. It's the picket fence and the darling porch. I also have noticed that a lot of these homes have lace in their windows. So pretty!

Well, our little tour of homes is over. I hope you enjoyed looking at all of these darling homes. Driving around and taking pictures of pretty homes is a great way to get new ideas on how to perk up your own home!

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." Psalm 127:1

Hugs, Sharon


Sue said...

Hi Sharon, I am so glad to be able to have some time to visit. The homes are beautiful and what stories do they hold within and without. One of my favorite things to do when traveling at night is to look in homes that are lighted and think about the people who reside there and wonder what they are doing.
I so enjoyed your post on your annual visit with Kathi, I love the relationship you both have and the admiration for one another, so refreshing.

I have been offline for over a month, and have missed so much, but when the cold winds blow this winter, I am hoping to come back and visit your place and try to catch up.

You and Kathi continue to inspire me, to just be the best.
Enjoy your day

Kathi said...

Sharon, That was so fun snapping photos of pretty homes with you. I have a sweet picture and you are in it in the background. I focused on a daisy and you are in the background. I hope to post soon. Love ya, Kathi

GardenofDaisies said...

What wonderful homes and gardens! I love the daisies!

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