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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bag Ladies Getaway!!!

I'm all packed and ready! I'm waiting for my BAG Lady friends to come and pick me. We are heading to Sunriver Oregon for a four day, three night get away! BAG stands for Bargains AT Goodwill! We all met at church many years ago and found out we all love to thrift shop so we started shopping together and then ten years ago we started planning this yearly overnighter!
We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch on the way to Sunriver, sitting from left to right is Brenda, Gail, Virginia, me, Kathleen and Laurie. Our other friend, Eileen, could not make it this year because her daughter was having a baby! Sunriver is a beautiful vacation resort in Bend Oregon full of gorgeous homes that you can rent. Every year we get a different house and we love them every time.
This year I was in charge of getting the house and this is the one I found. Isn't it pretty!
Here's all of the BAG Lady's bags!
After we got unpacked and settled in, we head into town to go to Goodwill. This is the "before" picture of the van empty. Let's see how well we fill it up! :0)
Gail and Laurie having fun!
Kathleen, me and Virginia. Oh, oh, my cart is already really full!
Brenda displaying some pretty goblets that she found!
Here's our traditional shot of all of us outside the Goodwill store.
For dinner we went to a delicious restaurant called Pilot Butte Drive In. They serve a famous 18 oz hamburger! Here's Gail carrying one!
We are so hungry and are anxious to start eating our meals!
Here's what I ordered....a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. Hmmm, do you think this could be a reason why I can't lose weight?

Gail, Kathleen and Virginia ordered the 18 oz burger and are going to split it.
It's gihugic and ginormous!!! Can you see how it compares to my burger in the background? That's crazy! They said it was delicious!
Okay, let me remind you....this is our before shopping picture and.....
...this is the after! Wow, we did some damage!
This year we tried something new and fun. We each drew names before we went shopping and kept who we got a secret. Then we bought a special mug at Goodwill for the person that we drew and when we got home we gave them to each other. I loved this idea! We all bought each other a small gift that also is a memory/souvenir type of thing! Can you guess which one is mine?
After exchanging mugs we did our traditional "Show and Tell" where we each showed all our treasures that we purchased at Goodwill. Here's Virginia showing her scores!
Kathleen showing a pretty sweater she found.
Brenda found a really pretty olive oil bottle.
Gail found this pretty vase!
I found this cook watering can for only $3.99!
Laurie is proudly showing her pretty punch bowl with matching cups!
The way we plan our meals is that each lady is in charge of one meal. I was in charge of making breakfast on Thursday morning. I made a new recipe which was a breakfast casserole. It was a huge success! All of the girls loved it! I also served a fresh fruit salad, orange juice and coffee. We ate out on the sunny deck.
Brenda, Gail, Kathleen and Laurie decided to take a morning walk.
Virginia and I were feeling lazy, so we stayed in our jammies and then we ended up getting in the hot tub!
Gail made all of us a delicious salad for lunch!
We all just hung out and read, napped and talked in the afternoon. It is so fun for me to get away with these Godly, inspiring, fun women. We all encourage each other and we all go back home invigorated!
Virginia decided to make a centerpiece for the dinner she was making. She used a little basket that she found inside and filled it with pinecones that she found out in the backyard. Very ingenious Virginia!
She made a delicious meal of chicken and rice, carrots, Jello and rolls.
Brenda and I both really loved the rolls!
After dinner we all took a walk together. We always get so silly!
I have no idea what we are doing here. One of the girls said put a piece of grass in your mouth and we all did it. Zany girls!!!
Virginia and Kathleen found a huge nest of some kind and Virginia is poking it with a stick.
It was such a beautiful evening.
We walked out to the horse pastures. It was so calming and relaxing.
After the walk we got the paper and started looking in the classifieds for garage sales.
Kathleen had her lap top and was looking up directions for us.
The next morning Laurie made us a delicious egg dish with fresh fruit and rolls.
Mmmmm! We need lots of nourishment for our big day of garage saleing!
Here we all are at a garage sale!
Mmmm! It's time for dinner again!
We are all being silly again with the chopsticks.
And now we're being coy with our wine glasses. Oh, speaking of wine glasses, that's another tradition that we have. We all purchase a special wine glass that we use the whole time we are at our house. We like to compare them and admire each others. I usually get a picture of all of the glasses together, but I forgot this year. :0(
Brenda made such a good dinner! We had yum bowls! They were fabulous. We also had fresh fruit. She even brought all the bowls and chopsticks for fun!
Well, our time here at the house is over. We're all packed up and ready to go.
We got some last pictures of us at the house.
What a great time we had together!
Oh my word! The car is absolutely packed! We went to more garage sales on our way home and then stopped at Olive Garden for lunch. This weekend has been soooo much fun!!!!
We took the scenic route back home. You can see the beautiful snow covered Three Sister Mountains in the background.
We also stopped at Sahalie Falls.
Aren't they fantastic! Oregon is such a beautiful state!
Here we are home again! We had such a wonderful time. I love all of my BAG Lady friends. They are all so delightful and lovely! I am so thankful for these ladies!

"The heartfelt counsel of a friend is a sweet as perfume and incense." Proverbs 27:9

Hugs, Sharon


Kathi said...

Wow!! What fun fun fun with some wonderful ladies. I love all the cute traditions you have, like buying coffee mugs and doing show and tell. I hope you'll all take a vote and let me in the group. I love you, Kathi

Shelley said...

What a wonderful and fun thing to do with friends....thanks for sharing your trip with us....blessings

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