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Monday, August 22, 2011

Annual summer visit to my sister's farm!

It's that time again, time for my traditional summer visit to my sister Kathi's farm! We both love this time together. Sometimes our other sister, Kelli, joins us as well, but she couldn't come this time. This was a short visit, just two nights and I got to her place later in the evening because I had to work that day. We sat outside for a late dinner on their patio.
Here's Kathi's cute little boy, Garrett! He's such a sweet little boy!
Kathi and her husband Stacey.
Their oldest son, Harrison. He just got home from a long day at work driving the combine out in the fields. He's a hard worker and I'm proud of him!
We had fun staying up late and talking. The next morning we got going early. We took a long drive out to the Brownsville Antique Fair.
Harrison and I were sipping coffee and visiting before we left.
As we were driving down their road, we ran into Victoria who was out on a bike ride.
 We stopped to chat with her a minute and she took our picture! :0)
Brownsville is a very historical town.
Kathi told me that it is the first and oldest incorporated city in Oregon!
We enjoyed driving around and looking at some of the old buildings. I imagine that at one time this was some kind of train station or train loading dock.
The downtown area is so cute.
There are lots of old, old buildings.
They take pride in their quaint town and they keep it nice.
We finally made it to the city park where the antique fair was being held. Kathi and I were drooling!
It looks like Kathi found a very cool vintage ceramic shell.
We loved this table full of beautiful blue and white dishes.
Kathi ended up buying a set of them, including this gorgeous vegetable bowl!
What a great morning we were having!
We were having a ball!
This booth looks promising!
What a sweet vintage dress!
Cute display!
I love this idea! Now I will be on the hunt for a small cloche and I'll paint the base cream and lay some hydrangeas inside!
We are having so much fun!
I love all these vintage bejeweled Christmas tree pins!
What a darling doggie!
Here's those bowls I was telling you about the other day! Aren't they cute! Mine are just like them, but mine are pale yellow and I have all three sizes. Mine were probably about $1.50 for the set and these are $50.00 for the two of them! I really got a good deal!
Vintage weakness! I bought one of those Santa light bulbs.
I thought this was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wish I could afford it, but it's $55.00! The tag says 1930's Biscuit Basket. It's ceramic with a Bakelite handle. It's so charming!
I love it when I find things at antique stores that I own. I just bought this very tin at a garage sale for a quarter and they are asking $9.00 for it! Score!!!
After shopping we had lunch and we walked around down town a bit. We both loved the way these french doors looked with the ivy growing around it and the lace in the windows.
After lunch we went to several garage sales and then we headed back home. We pulled in the driveway the exact same time that Stacey and Garrett got back from a fun motorcycle ride out on their property!
Kathi wanted me to see her garden, so we went out to the back of the house. What a gorgeous garden they have!
There's Shorty!
Kathi ran out to the garden before me, so I was looking for her. I hollered for her and she said, "I'm back here!"
I went to the back of the garden and came across this.
The chickens got out and she was trying to corral them and she was having a hard time.
She finally grabbed one. The look on her face says it all. She did not enjoy picking her up!
She then carried her to the coop. The rooster is not happy that she's taking his hens away!
There you go! Now you girls stay in there!
Their place is so pretty!
Oh my goodness....look how gorgeous this cabbage plant is! It looks like a giant blue rose!
Kathi holding one of their many potatoes.
They have two chicken coops, this one is for the younger ones. Kathi had to change their water and give them feed.
This is the rooster in this coop and he's beautiful!
She is a very busy country woman!
She is amazing! She is a great housewife and mother. She works so hard around the farm and the house, she cooks, cleans, sews, cans, etc. plus she works about 20 to 30 hours a week as a substitute teacher! She wears me out!
Kathi and Garrett in the garden.
Stacey barbecued wonderful steaks for dinner! We had another peaceful dinner on the patio and then Kathi and I tried to stay up and watch an old Bette Davis movie, Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, but we both fell asleep!
The next day we went into town with her girls, Victoria and Jessica, and we went to some thrift stores. We both found great treasures!
I was thrilled to find two of these neat plates!
We ate lunch in the car in the Goodwill parking lot!
Me with my two gorgeous nieces, Victoria and Jessica. I had such a great, great time! I just wish it could have been a longer visit. I love my sister so much! Now it's her turn to come and visit me! The only bad thing.....
When I got home there was a clown in my suitcase!  Hahaha! This clown has an interesting history with us...let me explain...
 The story starts with us receiving this lovely clown as a white elephant gift last Christmas at our family Christmas Eve gathering. My husband did not think we should have to keep him, so he smuggled it into Kathi's purse. She discovered it in the car on the way home.
 I had forgotten all about it and then Kathi came to stay with me around New Year's and a few days later I opened my bathroom cabinet and was quite started by this site!
 Can you say..."Creepy" ???  Okay, now the ball's in my court. I waited and strategized and planned my next move. I waited until we had a graduation party and I sent some "cake" home with them, which really was not cake, it was the clown on a paper plate with foil over him. I was laughing when I waved goodbye to their family because I knew they were taking the clown home with them.
 WRONGO! The next morning I went on my morning walk and as I approached my front porch when I got back home, I was startled to see that clown sitting there starring at me!
 As I said before.....creepy! Oh my goodness....I can't believe he's still here! I found out later that they discovered him on the foil covered plate when they were just a few blocks away, so the drove back to our house and placed him on the front porch! Rats! Foiled again! This means war!!! Now my husband and sons wanted to get involved, so we waited until the next family event.
We had another graduation party and Eric and the boys snuck outside and zip-tied the clown to the front of their SUV.  We all went outside to say goodbye as they loaded up their rig to go home and we made sure they steered clear of their front bumper. It worked! They didn't see it! Hahaha! Hasta la vista baby!

The little clown had a lovely drive home out in the fresh air! Haha! It has come and gone a few times in between, and now she smuggled it in my suitcase. That's okay, I will just wait....I'll just wait until the perfect moment that she least expects it!

I had a wonderful time with my sister and I am so blessed to have her in my life. I am thankful for both of my sisters. We are all best friends and it's such a blessing.

Come back tomorrow because I am going to be sharing some of the darling houses that Kathi and I drove by in the small towns we were visiting.

"Be happy and rejoice and be glad-hearted continually." I Thessalonians 5:16

Hugs, Sharon


Kathi said...

Sharon, Thank you for the sweet things you wrote about me and my farm. I love all of the pictures you took of me with the chickens. I had such a fun visit with you, doing all the fun cute things and thrifting. I miss you. I am breathing a sigh of relief about not receiving the clown again at Mom's birthday...unless you wrapped it in the frozen fish? Ha ha. We'll see. I love you, Kathi

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting w/you and your sister! It felt as if I was right there. You are both blessed to be able to spend time together doing things you so much enjoy. Thrifting, eating, taking pics...aaahh...

I am still laughing about that awful clown! That is TOO funny! Don't you have a small lamb that you hide around your house from time to time? I seem to remember that.

Hope you're having a great week. Heard the weather has been warm out on the West coast.


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