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Friday, August 26, 2011

Animal magnetism....

I went shopping at JC Penny's the other day and I found a darling little leopard print shirt. I wanted to buy it, but wanted to make sure that the animal print was not too old lady-ish. I started looking around to see if I saw similar things to make sure it was indeed in style and I noticed something.....
Animal prints are everywhere and they are BIG this season! I have always loved animal prints! I have always heard that they are always classy and tasteful if used in small doses. So that's what I tend to do. I own some earrings, a purse, some shoes and a few tops. I'm glad it's back in style! I also have small amounts of leopard print around my home too, there is something so elegant about it.
I started snapping pictures and it was fun to be on a scavenger hunt looking for animal prints throughout the store. Hee hee, you can see my reflection there in the mirror. Can you see me? I'm wearing a white top and a pink sweater. I'm actually holding the little leopard print shirt I ended up buying.
Here's a bunch of earrings and little cosmetic bags.
These earrings look fun!
Hats and scarves.
A closer look at the scarves. I think I will put this on my birthday wish list!
I really, really, really wanted to buy this necklace, but I could not justify it. I left it there, but I think this will be going on my birthday wish list too! Isn't it so cool!!!
So everywhere I looked I saw animal print. Here's zebra and snow leopard print tops.
Here's a cute belted zebra print top.
Zebra and leopard print mix.
Snow Leopard.
Leopard again.
Here's the little leopard print top I bought. Isn't it cute!
Here's a fetching leopard print cardigan. I am so happy that I have one very similar to it already at home!
I saw animal prints everywhere I looked!
Wow, they even have snake skin! This is probably my least favorite print!
I think this one is pretty, I like the different color combinations of the leopard print.
Here's a larger patterned leopard print.
Here's an interesting alligator print skirt.
Here's a cute little Leopard print dress.
More dresses.
This dress is a little more understated with the solid black bottom and leopard print top.
This one is kind of cool with the animal print and flowers.
Now let's move onto the purse department. Wow!!! I love this one! Its so fun with the multiple animal prints on it.
Snake skin.
You basically can find whatever animal print you want!
Zebra. I like it with the red.
 More leopard.
I do like the zebra one on the left.
I like this one too, I am partial to the leopard print.
More zebra.
Snake skin wallets.
Here's a cute little leopard print makeup bag.
Now let's head over to the shoe department I bet they have a big display of animal print shoes over there. Yep, I was right!
These are pretty!
I like these too!
I really like these! I love the cute little bows!
Now these are fun!
And so are these!
I love all of them, but I don't think my poor feet could handle being in such high heels any more.
These are more up my alley, a bit more sedate.
Peep toes!
Now this is for sure my style, in fact I recently bought a pair of leopard print flats.
I love all of these flats too, especially the ones with the diamonds!
These gray leopard print ankle boots are adorable!
And the piece de-resistance.....the knee high leopard print stiletto boots! Wow! I'm afraid these are just too young for me, but on the right girl in the right outfit, these would be soooo cool!
They even have sunglasses with animal print!
They are so fun!
So if you want to have the latest thing, pick up something with an animal print.
They have everything you could imagine! It's so fun!
So this is my new outfit I put together!  This is the top that I bought at Penny's. Do you like it?
I found the vintage purse at Goodwill many years ago. I have always loved it and just saved it because I thought it was so cool. I am so happy to pull it out and use it again! I found the shoes this past July on my Bag Lady retreat at a garage sale for $1.00!!!
I bought these earrings at the old department store I worked at probably 25 years ago. I have always loved them and wear them every so often. I put them with my cool faux amber jeweled bracelet and coordinating necklace. (please excuse my dry skin, I have been on a detox diet that restricts the use of lotion!)
I LOVE this necklace! I bought it at a Lia Sophia jewelry party at my friend's house.
For fun I also wore my faux amber gihugic dinner ring. I'll tell you more about that soon!
I even have leopard print reading glasses! haha!
I''m a busy girl with places to go and people to see and I am feeling all sassy in my fun leopard print outfit!

God is faithful; by Him you were called into companionship and participation with His son, Jesus Christ our Lord." I Corinthians 1:9

Hugs, Sharon

P.S. I normally don't post on weekends, but come back tomorrow and Sunday and I will be posting three stories about our Umpqua River Trip. 


Mary Anne said...

I love your outfit! I'd like to hear more about your detox diet. Do you think you might do a post about that sometime?;-)

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
You look maaaaahvelous! You always do. :o) Just lovin' your animal print outfit. You have such a good eye for putting things together; whether your wardrobe or your decoorating. Beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend.

PS: YES, you have a big (ahem) birthday coming up soon, don't you. You're my brother's b-day twin, born in the same year.

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