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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Slice of Life: The first day of summer.....

Yea! Summer is finally here! Well, on the day I took these pictures it was not officially summer yet, but it was the first day of summer for my son Hayden! No more school for three months! Since I have started working outside of the home, I always tried to get the first day of summer off from work to be with my kids. There is just something so fun about it! Before I worked outside the home it was always a fun special day for all of us as well. I love making ordinary days into special days!
I also am so thrilled that it is actually sunny on this day! Look you can see my shadow! I decided to document my whole day today. I started with a walk with my neighbor Shelley. We have been walking three days a week for almost three years now! This is a great way to start my day!
When I got back home, it was so fun to be puttering around the house with the front screen open. I love the smell of the screens and I love to hear the sounds from the outside!
I poured a cup of hot coffee into a brown transferware mug and went out to the front porch.
I had some alone time with the Lord, praying and reading my devotional book. I love doing this! I love spending time with God and I love it when summer comes and I get to go out on my front porch with the sun rising and the birds singing!
Then I watered the colors spots in the front yard.
I love watering!
There is something theraputic about it!
It's one of those chores that's gratifying. I guess because you know you are helping something grow.
Later on Hayden woke up, so we did our traditional thing and went out for breakfast.
Here I am in my morning glory with no makeup on!
It was fun because while we were at the restaurant, there was a man outside painting their windows. He was very quick and very talented! We enjoyed watching him.
I know I'm his mom, but I think this kid is cute!
Back home again and we both head outside to the backyard.
Hayden had chores to do.
He needed new tires for his truck, so Eric bought them and is letting Hayden work off the bill at $10.00 an hour.
This is a win/win situation for both of them!
I brought my cookbooks out side and was doing a little meal planning.
There's Blondie! It looks like she wants to play!
Okay, next on the agenda, take Hayden to Cameron's at 3:00 because Cameron, Grayson and Hayden are all going on a camping trip tonight!
We realized that the boys were planning on taking Grayson's Jeep, but he only has two seat belts. Eric and I did not feel comfortable with that situation, so Eric said they can take the big truck. The only problem: Hayden has never driven it before and we were a little concerned. I had to go to town anyway, so I drove the big truck with Blondie in the back seat.
And Hayden followed me in my car. I can drive the big Ford F350, but I don't really like to, it's just so big and I'm uncomfortable changing lanes and especially parking in small parking lots! Oh, the things we do for love!!!!
When we got to Cameron's he said, "Come out back and look at my garden Mom." So we headed out back.
His tomato plants are thriving! Look closely at his neat tomato racks, he made them himself! He didn't want to spend extra money on buying them, so he used some old dowels that he had for the base and used pipe-cleaners to adhere wood skewers for the cross bars. Pretty clever and they work great! I personally think they are more attractive than the metal ones you can buy.
Here's another clever thing he did. He planted more veggies from seeds and needed a green house. He bought this plastic container at Goodwill a while back to hold CDs and decided it would work perfect for a miniature greenhouse!
He placed four little pots full of seeds inside and it's working great so far! I'm proud that he's got a green thumb and that he's so resourceful!
Here he's checking on a flower that he transplanted, but it's not faring so well. :0( Hopefully it will rally.
The boys were waiting for Grayson to arrive, so Hayden had a seat and was visiting with us.
He made me laugh. He jumped up on this retaining wall and started running on it  acting like a little kid stating, "I'm gonna stay here all week!", as if that was the most fun thing in the world to do. He cracks me up!
I hugged the boys good-bye and wished them a very safe trip. My next stop was Winco!
It was really fun for me because instead of my usual overflowing cart filled with $250.00 worth of groceries that is so hard to push, I only had one bag full. I bought a few things for a very special dinner for a very special man!
Yep, Eric and I found ourselves home alone and I decided to surprise him with a very romantic dinner for two! Come back tomorrow for the details!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Hugs, Sharon

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Kathi said...

Sharon, I loved reading about your very fun day with Hayden and then over to see Cameron and his garden. I love your boys' creativity. The tomato structures are a great idea. Can't wait to read about your special dinner with Eric. Kathi

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