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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Life is big out there!

 I took pictures of the very first time that our new kitten went outside.
 He was very slow.
 He was very careful.
 He was very curious!
 He seemed to like it!
 There are so many things to see!
 There are so many sounds!
 So many new things to look at!
 So many things to scare him! Look at that fat tail!
 There are also many things to play with!
 And jump off of!
 So many neat things to explore! What is this green bushy stuff?
 This thing smells good!
 The longer he was out there the braver he got!
 I kept a close eye on him though.
 He was so adorable. It was fun to see the world in through his eyes!
I'm so glad that he's liking the great outdoors! Someday he will be a big cat and will own this place. I'm sure that in his mind he will be a big roaring lion protecting his territory and his family!

"God made the world and everything in it." Acts 17:24a

Hugs, Sharon


Stacy said...

Oh! I accidentally came across your blog just by googling the Enjoli commercial (you know..."I can bring home the bacon...fry it up in a pan..." hahaha). Well, it landed me on a post you made 4 years ago. I came here and seriously, this kitten is just too precious for words. You brought such big grins to a complete stranger today, you did! If you don't mind, I might stick around a while and read some more. God bless! :-)

Rose of Sharon said...

I'm glad you accidentally found me Stacey! I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back again! :0)

Hugs, Sharon

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