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Monday, June 27, 2011

Girl time!

Early on Saturday morning I picked up my bestest friend in the whole world, Shannon, and we headed out to the Oregon coast for a girls get away weekend! We have been best friends since high school! As young women we both worked at the same department store, we both got married the same year and had babies at similar times. We have so much in common and we have a blast together. We have been talking about having a get away weekend like this and we finally did it!!!
We were so excited to learn that this was the weekend of the 52 mile long garage sale all the way to the coast, so we decided to alter our route and hit the sales! Here's Shannon all excited about our fun girl weekend!
Now it's my turn to show my excitement! We love to go junking, so this is right up our alley! We stopped at a ton of sales and had a ball!
If you are a junker and go to garage sales, you know that you see all kinds of things. Some things are fabo and some not so much. Here's a "not so much" thing....we both cracked up at these socks, well, there's nothing wrong with the socks, but their sign cracked us up...."Very nice socks"....I don't know why, it just tickled us.
Here's Shannon digging around in some boxes.
She hit pay dirt with some vintage canning jars that she was looking for.
They guy started out kind of high priced and she was able to talk him down to a great price.
We found a lot of sales! It was so thrilling!
Here's a gigantic sale!
Shannon's wondering if these patchwork leather pants would be a good purchase! lol
I found me some gorgeous white snake skin pants too! haha! Don't worry, we're just kidding! We did not buy them!
We did not plan our trip out very well. We did hear about the 52 miles of garage sales  until the day before we left, so we did not plan out our agenda very well. We just assumed that there would be lots of restaurants on the way to the coast, but we were out on country roads and there were no restaurants to be found. We were starving for lunch, so we ended up eating at a a really old and funky small town grange.
We were eating in a very old building with tons of boxes and junk all around. It's not the Ritz, but it's food!
Anything looks delicious when you're starving!
After driving all day and shopping at garage sales in the hot sun, we were very happy to get to our hotel on the coast. We found these darling vintage snowmen salt and pepper shakers at one of the sales and we decided to buy them and we would each take one home. Instead of friendship rings, we have friendship snowmen!
What a gorgeous view of the ocean!
We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant. Mmmm! I had cajun shrimp over rice!
Best friends having so much fun together!
Night is falling. Isn't this a gorgeous sunset! It was so nice to know that we didn't have to drive home! We got to our room and got in our jammies and talked and talked about everything for hours. It is so fun to be away like this with an old dear friend!
Something really funny happened though. It was about 11:30 at night and we were talking in our room when all of the sudden we heard the scurry sounds of little mice feet running in the room. We both freaked out and screamed. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to sleep thinking there was a mouse in our room, so I was brave and I got up to investigate. I grabbed my slipper as a big, powerful, scary weapon! Hahaha! As I was tiptoeing across the room with my slipper weapon raised, we heard the sound again and it was coming from the garbage can. I took the slipper and tapped the garbage can and then I heard the sound again, but it lasted much longer and was louder. I then started laughing hysterically because I realized that it was a cup full of pistachio nut shells that Shannon had thrown in there from when we were snacking on them earlier! Oh my gosh, we both just started cracking up and laughing at ourselves! It was really funny! Those mean old pistachios!
The next morning we woke up to a gorgeous day!
Here's a view of our hotel. It was a really pretty place.
The sky was so blue and the seagulls were flying everywhere looking for food.
Shannon and I took a walk on the beach.
Wow, for the Oregon coast, this is an exceptional day! It's sunny with a blue sky and there's no wind! It was just beautiful!
When Shannon was in the shower, I took the opportunity to draw mean, scary faces on two pistachio shells and I placed them next to the coffee pot for her to find! haha! She died laughing when she saw them. We each saved one for a memory!
This is so nice! Sipping coffee out on the deck right on the beach!
It's breathtaking!
We ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant and got a table with a marvelous view of the ocean.
Our snowmen enjoyed the view as well! Haha! After breakfast we went to a couple of thrift stores and then grabbed some lunch and headed home.
We had such a great time together. It was the shot in the arm that I needed. Shannon is a neat Christian lady who always has great ideas and is so inspirational. I just love her! I am so blessed to have her for my good friend! 

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, 
understands where you have been, 
accepts what you have become, 
and still, gently allows you to grow." 
~ William Shakespeare

"A friend loveth at all times." Proverbs 17:17

Hugs, Sharon

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