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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Couples therapy.....

Since we brought the kitten home, one of the first things on the agenda was to introduce him to our beloved yellow lab, Blondie. We knew that somehow they needed to become friends and we were going to help them. The kitten is so tiny and Blondie is pretty big, so it was quite a concern that they get along and actually like each other. Blondie is still a puppy, she's just 1-1/2 years old and she's a very sweet natured dog. The very first time we introduced them to each other it did not go too well. The cat hissed and his tail got huge, but the big surprise was how Blondie responded. She got really scared and all the hair on her back went strait up, just like a mohawk. She was very fearful and scared of the kitten.
So we realized this was going to have to be a very slow and careful process. We wanted success, not failure, we wanted them to be best friends, not enemies, so we were very cautious and took baby steps! Oh, I forgot to tell you, Hayden finally named the kitten, his name is MacGyver! Isn't that a cute name! Here's MacGyver safely checking out Blondie through the french doors.
They are very curious about each other, but also very scared.
We started doing what we called pet therapy. We started with things like this, looking through the glass doors at each other and holding the kitten next to the dog. We slowly introduced them to each other in a safe and controlled atmosphere.
They were slowly getting used to each other, but it was really funny to see that the dog was more afraid of the kitten than the kitten was afraid of the dog! Do you remember the pictures I showed yesterday of Blondie sitting in this box from our new barbecue? Well, while she was in there I set MacGyver next to her and Blondie just turned her head and refused to look at the cat as if to say, "Cat, what cat? I don't see a cat. There is NO cat next to me. I will just turn my head and not look and it will all go away!" She would not look at the kitten, she was hilarious!
We did therapy sessions with them every day.
The whole family helped with these therapy sessions. Here's Grayson playing with them on the stairs.
They both look a bit nervous.
Blondie looks like she wishes she could just get out of there!
MacGyver is totally comfortable, but Blondie is not!
Now here's Eric working with them.
He's telling Blondie to relax.
We found out a good secret and that is to put them together when they are both sleepy.
Hey, by golly, they are actually sitting close together and tolerating it!
Oh, they are so cute!
By the look on Blondie's face, she is just barely tolerating it!
The kitten is totally comfortable, fast asleep. Blondie, you need to relax! It's okay!
She's working on it!
Phase II of therapy was a bit more radical and intense!
We put them in the dog kennel together. Now mind you, this is when we knew that Blondie would not hurt the kitten. We stood right there next to them watching closely.
What was so funny was MacGyver was totally relaxed and didn't seem to mind Blondie at all. He actually curled up and took a nap. Blondie stood in the very back corner of the crate for the longest time and just stared at the cat. I finally gave her the command to "lay down" and she did.
She didn't look to happy about it, but she did it.
Hang in there Blondie, therapy is almost done for the day!
Well, all of this took about a week to ten days.
Now they play together and are good friends.
We still are very careful and would not leave them together unattended.
As the kitten grows bigger and can defend himself, we will feel better about leaving them alone together, but for now, our goal has been met, they are no longer mortal enemies, they are becoming best friends! Love concurs all!!!

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6

Hugs, Sharon


Erin said...

That is so cute!

Kathi said...

They are such cute pets. I love it that they love each other. Kathi

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