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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July celebration this year! First I'll share with you some of my decorations and then tell you about our day. I found these fun red, white and blue cake balls and thought they would be perfect on my little star bordered plate. I just set the fun patriotic knife there because I thought it looked so cute!
I decorated my kitchen windowsill the same way I did last year.
This little colonial man is a new find this year from a thrift store. He's carrying a flute and I can just imagine him playing "Yankee Doodle Dandy!"
I simply placed a red, white and blue star covered plate on my cake plate rack and it added a lot to the room. I hung stars and stripped kitchen towels on the oven door handle and a cute flag inspired heart hangs on the pantry door knob.
Here's my little cookbook shelf all dolled up for the 4th.
I used most of these items last year, but new finds are the God Bless America candle and the darling little creamer with red cherries on it.
I love this reproduction of a vintage postcard plaque.
Two flags peek out of my dining room centerpiece.
A patriotic angel watches over a star plate filled with hot tamales and waits to greet visitors at our front door.
Here's my 4th of July rag-swag.
Here's the display on top of our computer desk.
These two little guys are new thrift store finds this year. You often see elves for Christmas, but I have never seen them for 4th of July! I think they're really cute!
Here's a little display in our powder room.
Outside we have our beautiful American Flag displayed proudly in front of the house.
I tucked flags in most of our flower pots.
Flowers and flags look so good together!
I placed this cute Americana themed throw on the back of our wicker settee.
Here's the last of my 4th of July decorations; this is a little corner in our laundry room.
 Eric's long-time friend, Mike, came to stay with us for a few days, so he celebrated the 4th with us. We started off the 4th of July morning with coffee in our fun patriotic mugs!
The whole family was coming over for breakfast and I pretty much threw together this cute tablescape at the last minute! Our plans were really up in the air, as we invited the kids over for breakfast before the parade, but we weren't quite sure that all of them would be able to make it and nothing was written in stone.
To my happy surprise, in the morning I learned that all of them were coming!
I thought, well, since Mike is here and they are all coming, I wonder if I could quickly throw together a festive red, white and blue table setting out on the patio.
I first started with my red and white gingham table cloth and added my Blue Willow dishes.
I topped it off with ruby red crystal goblets and I brought out the dining room centerpiece from inside the house. It came together beautifully and it was surprisingly easy!
We had a delicious breakfast that my husband made of bacon, eggs, hash-browns, grapes, orange juice and coffee. We also had delicious sweet rolls that Mackenzie and Brittany brought over.
Here's the whole family enjoying the meal!
After we cleaned up the breakfast dishes, we all walked down to Main street to watch the parade!
Doesn't Brittany look mod! I love her dress, earrings and sunglasses! She looks like a flower child from the 60s!
Here's most of us waiting for the parade to start, Eric, Mike, Grayson, Cameron, Hayden and I.
Best buds since Junior High!
Mackenzie and Brittany.
Me and Eric.
Yea! The parade is starting!
There's Uncle Sam! Isn't he cute!
They had several cool low-rider cars with hydraulics! They were so awesome!
I love this juggler walking on stilts! Now that takes talent!
There's a nice fireman!
What a cute old car!
Hey, here's the float from the doctor's office where I work and there's my good friend, Sue, up there waving just like a princess! I got to do this last year and it was really fun!
Uh-oh, it looks like she got tennis elbow from waving so much! lol! She cracks me up!
Here's Miss Sally who is 99 years old! Isn't she a doll!
After the parade we went over to the park for the little festival. Here's Mackenzie and Brittany. I really like this picture of them!
And here's Cameron with some of his buddies.
After the parade Eric and Mike went golfing, and all the boys went their separate ways, so I took the opportunity to have a little quiet time and gather my thoughts out in the sun on the back deck with the cat and dog.
Isn't he so sweet!
They are so cute together. They're becoming good friends!
At about 6:00 Eric, Mike and I went to a big barbecue party at our friend's house and we had a great time. Then we went back home to watch the fireworks from the house. Oops, this picture of Eric and I turned out blurry!
We just drug our lawn chairs out to the street and watched the show! We brought the pets with us!
Ooh! Ahh!
Mike and Eric enjoying the show!
We had fun sitting out there on this warm summer night. We were very proud of Blondie; she was not afraid at all, in fact, she was actually watching the display!
We had a lovely 4th of July celebration with the family. We are truly blessed to live in the United States of America! May God continue to bless America and may the people of America trust in God. 

"I will walk around in freedom, for I have sought out Your precepts." Psalm 119:45

Hugs, Sharon

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Kathi said...

What a fun parade and fun time together. Kathi

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