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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fishing with my hubby!

My husband has gone river camping for many years and has asked me to go along many times, but for different reasons I never went. This year I decided I really wanted to go with him and so I did! The first thing I did was get a fishing license. This was my first fishing license that I've ever had! Since our little nest has been slowly becoming empty, I feel like I have more time for new things and of course want to spend time with my husband, so this is a perfect win/win situation for us!
We fished on the Umpqua river and put in at a boat ramp past Elkton. We are hoping to get a huge Chinook Salmon!
My job was to HOLD ON TO THE ROPE while Eric parked the truck. He said with both hands, but you can see that I'm rebellious and only held on with one hand and took a picture with the other! I simply HAD to get a picture of my cute leopard print rubber boots! hee hee!
Yea! We're on the river!
This is our home sweet home for the next 24 hours! We are camping right here in the very middle of the river! You can see where Eric put the anchor out.
Here's the view from the port side.
Here's the view from the starboard side. Haha, aren't you impressed with my boat lingo?
The first thing Eric did was bait up the poles.
He's using anchovies for bait.
At times like this I'm glad I"m a girl and I don't have to put the bait on!
Then he put the poles in and we waited. 
He's still the one after 33 years!
My honey!
Just waiting to catch a fish!
Waiting and waiting! This is the first time I have ever gone fishing with him like this. He has done this for about 7 years with the boys and with friends, but I've never gone for various reasons and now I finally got to go and I loved it! It's just quiet and relaxing!
I was always under the impression that when he went fishing it was very hard work, but come to find out, we do a lot of sitting and waiting and relaxing. I now see why he's so addicted!
It's just not the same to drink wine from a plastic cup! I brought this pretty glass from home! :0)
Happy hour!
It's starting to rain, but never fear, we are all zipped up in here!
Eric was soooo sweet. He wanted to make sure I was happy and comfortable. He turned on the little heater for me and pampered me. It worked, I loved it and want to go back!
Just hanging out with my man!
Dinner time! Eric packed our dinner! Now this is an area that I think I can help improve on! Next time we will have cheese and crackers, fruit and a special meal! This was great though!
Eric eating and watching the poles!
More wine madam? Eric braved the rain and refilled my glass!
We were as snug as a bug in a rug!
This is a whole different man world down here! All these guys camp right on the river and they all talk to each other on walkie-talkies or their cell phones. They all know each other and especially start talking when someone gets a big one!
Time for a movie! Eric just plugged in our little portable DVD playing to the battery and we were in business!
Yup, we're really roughing it! haha!
Now if I knew that this is what goes on when they go fishing, I would have gone a long time ago! It was raining out, but we were inside all warm and cozy watching movies! We watched four movies!
Time for a nap!
Waiting and waiting for a fish! We still have not had one bite!
Eric called one of his buddies up river to see if they've had any luck. 
Finally! The pole started jiggling! We have one on, but alas, it was just a chub. Fail. Oh well, I got to reel him in and it was still fun!
The sun is starting to go down.
More waiting and relaxing.
I am loving spending all this time with my husband! Night is really starting to fall now.
Eric pulled out these lanterns and said "Lanterns for two" I thought that was cute.
Did I mention how cozy this was???
It's getting really dark now I think it's almost time for bed!
Eric getting out the sleeping bags and setting up our beds. He really was spoiling me.
Good morning! Look at this gorgeous view!
We slept great! It was weird to get use to the sound of the water hitting the boat, but it was kind of comforting.
I forgot my mirror! Augh!!!! What's a girl gonna do? I wonder if the inventors of this fish finder would like to know that it doubles pretty nicely as a mirror! haha!
Pretty inventive idea don't ya think?
Well, this is the best I can do under the circumstances. I look tired and have a puffy morning face. Need more coffee!
Eric tying knots in the lines. 
We read a morning devotional together. 
He's really good at all of this fishing stuff!
Tying the lures. 
Time for breakfast! Eric made hash browns....
Eggs and sausage.
It cracks me up how he does this with the little propane burner. He has it down to a science! Notice how he balances the handle on the bench seat for more stability!
It was tasty! We forgot the ketchup though, so we borrowed some from his friends in another boat! :0)
I brought a little project to do while we were waiting for the big one. It was fun!
Eric got a call from one of the guys in one of the other boats downstream. 
Waiting and talking and chill'n and relax'n!
More of the same. 
I am loving this!
Well, the trip is all over. We had a great time, but we didn't catch one. :0( I need to go again and get one of those 25 pounders! I love my husband and am so thankful the he allowed me into this secret world of men! After having fun times like this alone with my husband, this really encourages me that life does not end or get boring when our kids grow up! There are many, many special and fun times ahead! We will have fun time with our kids as grown adults, with their wives and our grandkids and also with each other! Life is good!

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it” Ephesians 5:25

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” Ephesians 5:22

Hugs, Sharon


It's Jan! said...

Sharon, how cool is that? We're a water loving family so I can really appreciate the experience. I was so tickled to see you two and your morning devotions on the water. What an amazing trip that must have been.

Maybe next time you can catch that fish.

Love the boots, you have style and pizzaz even in the middle of the river.

Jan in PA

Crows, Suds and Cinnamon said...

Loved this story! As much as I enjoy all of your writing this is on of my favs. Almost like we are there with you. Thanks for sharing!
A friend in So. Cal.

Kathi said...

I love this!! What a blessing to be able to fish together. What a beautiful life you have Sharon. Very cute post too, and it's for real, not just a post! Love ya, Kathi

Sue said...

I am so jealous Sharon, in a good way of course. And as I was reading I was thinking of this new journey that you and Eric are taking and how wonderful it is going to be. I know I have been there for a while, I so enjoy special times with my dh. And just wait until those grandchildren come along, it gets even better.


Mardell said...

Amazing!! I didn't want this post to end ~ loved it all! :o) I admire how you take such cool pictures and document it all. You still looked amazing the next morning, even w/o a mirror! And wow, what a breakfast. Good thing someone loaned you ketchup. Yes, cute boots indeed. ♥♥

Hope you catch the BIG one on the next trip. :o)

Kathi said...

Sharon, This is one of my favorite favorite posts by you. It looks so fun and so cozy. Your pictures make me feel like I am right there on the boat with you. So cute and fun. What a wonderful time with you hubby. Love ya, Kathi

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