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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School!!!

It's that time again, time for the kids to go Back to School! Today is the first day of school for Hayden!
I have my cute little decorations out on the front porch.
And also in the kitchen window.
I just have a few vintage items like the old primary paint boxes and the little writing sampler booklet and the rest of the things are just cute school-like items. I have put up these decorations for many years now and as I was putting them out, I was kind of startled to realize that I will only have one more year after this year to have a child going back to school and a reason to put up these decorations. It makes me kind of sad. :0(  Knowing me though, I will still put up these decorations even if I don't have a child attending school!

School Days

The call to school it comes! It comes!
A muffler on the gypsy drums!
And birds and beasts and children sigh
While Summer murmurs soft, "Goodbye."
And gruff old Autumn paints his name
On leaves in shades of gold and flame.

Back to the classrooms and the books;
Back from vacation's cherished nooks;
Back with a sigh of deep regret;
Back to the cry of "'Teacher's pet!"
Back to the place where pencils fly,
And love notes, too, upon the sly.

The call to school, it comes! It comes!
Recalling youth to maps and sums, 
Athletic meets and frantic cheers,
But sad it falls on adult ears...
For hearts of grown-ups long in vain
To be a kid at school again!

~ Nick Kenny

This is what I do every year and have done so for 21 years....I am going through all the paperwork sent from the school. We need to update our demographics, give current insurance information, sign medical releases, give emergency contacts etc. Also, write a big fat check for every fee imaginable under the sky...student body card, year book, science class materials, shop materials, football fee, lunch ticket, etc.
Here's Hayden standing on the front porch for the traditional first day of school picture! He's starting his junior year!
There he goes. My baby. My only child left in school. I am one of those moms who gets sad at the end of summer and beginning of school. I love having my kids around all summer long and to me when they head back to school, it's just a reminder that they are another year older. It's all good though. It's a new begining for them and it really is nice to get back on a schedule.
Bye Hayden, have a great first day of school and a wonderful school year! I love you!

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." II Corinthians 5:17

Hugs, Sharon

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It's Jan! said...

A trip down memory lane. I remember always feeling a little sad on the first day of school. I loved having the kids home all summer, but the hardest one was the last first day of school in our family. THAT was hard.

Thank you for sharing your family. I'm sure so many of us can identify with some of the things that go on in your home.

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