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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Umpqua Camping Trip Part VI

Well, here we are, this is the last part of our camping trip and we are at the last set of rapids on the beautiful Umpqua River. These are called the Smith Ferry rapids and they are Class IV rapids.
As we did with the Bradford rapids, we all got out of the boats as they went down the rapids, except for the captains. Here's Mackenzie and Brittany watching the show.
Cameron. He's so tired of the paparazzi always trying to get his picture! Haha!
Eric already took a boat through and I failed to get pictures, but now here comes Grayson coming through on his pontoon. Oh my goodness, I was a bundle of nerves watching him! Can you see Eric standing there on the right watching Grayson and holding an oar on his shoulder? I love my man! :0)
Oh Lord, please protect him!
He's doing fine!
Look at that treacherous water!
Uh oh, he got turned around!
He went through the lower portion backwards!
He finally gets her turned around! Later he told me that this was so much fun!
There's Garrett and he got turned around too!
Okay, here comes Eric. Look at those scary rapids!
The boat is almost engulfed in the waves.
But it pops back up.

This is so nerve wracking!
I'm so proud of my capable husband!
Whew, he made it! Thank you Lord for watching over him. Now he just needs to bring down the other two boats!
While we were waiting for the rest of the boats to come down the boys put on their life jackets and rode the rapids.
Then we all pulled the boats over to shore and stopped for lunch and a swim!
This is an amazing swimming hole! These rocks are perfect to jump off of and the water below is soooo deep!
There goes Cameron! What a nice dive!
Grayson's doing a neat backwards flip!
Hayden's "free styling" :0)
And Mackenzie is doing the "Buddha Drop" Hahaha!
My four handsome sons...from left to right, Hayden, Cameron, Grayson and Mackenzie.
Me! I'm so happy to be through all those scary rapids.
Captain Eric! We tied all the ropes together again to get through the miles of frog water to get to the boat ramp.
Blondie's exhausted!
It was quiet and peaceful on the way home. Lots of time to ponder our weekend and to be thankful to God for watching over our family.
What a site we must have been to onlookers!
Finally, we're at the boat ramp!
We kept it busy with our ten boats!
What a hub-bub of activity!
We had lots of unloading and reloading to do!
The boats are stacked back up and we're almost ready to head for home sweet home.
Here's the whole gang toether. Despite our scary boat accident, we had a great time. I am so thankful for our neat family and great friends and especially to God for His divine protection. This is truly the life!!!!

"The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them." Psalm 34:7

Hugs, Sharon


Beth said...

I really enjoyed reading about your camping trip! You all do so many fun things as a family and create so many memories. The river was beautiful too. My uncle lives in Eugene Oregon and it is so pretty there. Thanks for the posts on this!

Mardell said...

All I can say is "AWESOME!" You take such wonderful pictures's as if we were right there w/you. Love the pic of the four boys together. And you w/your pigtails! :o) Are you planning on going again this year?


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