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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Umpqua Camping Trip Part II

The sun is setting and we have been on the river for about an hour now. It is sooo good to finally see our campsite!
We pulled the boats over and anchored up!
Home sweet home! It was neat when we got there because this is all a younger crowd and they reserved a spot for the "Camp Boss", which is Eric! The kids and us got a nice sandy piece of land to set up our tent!
Mackenzie and Cameron.
Mackenzie and Brittany!
Poor Hayden, sound asleep in his tent. He was still feeling really sick and fell asleep as soon as we set up camp.
Time to build a fire!
We set up our new camp table/kitchen unit that I found at a garage sale while I was on my Bag Lady get away trip!
There's nothing like sitting around the campfire under the stars next to the river! This is the life!
Cameron pondering life and staring at the fire.
Brittany, Mackenzie and Cameron enjoying themselves around the fire.
Mackenzie and Brittany.
Awe....kissing by the fire....sweet!
Two brothers.
I love this part of camping, to know that we are on vacation, we're all unpacked, the tent is set up, we're here with family and friends having fun!
Brittany and me.
The guys started playing "Washers" which is kind of like horseshoes.
Here's Mackenzie and Grayson playing. It's dark, it's late, I'm tired, time for bed! Nighty, nite!
It's morning already and the sun is coming up over the mountains!
Mmmm! Something smells good!
It's Eric cooking breakfast! As a group, we took turns making breakfast and this was our day. Thank you for cooking Eric!
He used his new gihugic man pan to make.....

......delicious breakfast burritos!
Well, it's time to pack up the boats and hit the river! The sky is blue, the sun is coming out and it should be a great day on the river today!
Eric already caught a fish! It's a little one, so he threw it back, but there are so many more out there to catch!
Here I am sunning myself and ready for a great day with the family!
There's Hayden, Dustin and Blondie the caboose of our group!
I just started to do my nails when everything that seemed so right went terribly, terribly wrong.....

"I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makes me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

Hugs, Sharon

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