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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New pillows

How do you like my new porch pillows?

I love them!!!! They are made from an awesome quilted fabric in this wonderful moss green shade with a beautiful red rose accent fabric.  They have that neat romantic cottage feel to them.
I had been looking for some new ones for quite sometime, but I did not want to pay retail prices, so I was looking at second hand stores. I wanted at least four that matched and that's hard to find at a thrift store!
So when I found six matching pillows at Goodwill, I didn't not have to think twice! They were not a super great deal, but they were cheaper than a store at the mall. I paid $3.99 each, so $23.94 for the set!
They have they perfect cottagey feel that I wanted.
I'm thrilled with them and am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with them!

"I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high. " Psalm 7:17

Hugs, Sharon


. said...

oh my goodness, sharon, they're perfectly swoon-worthy! so pretty. and your porch - gracious. beauty.

Mardell said...

They're gorgeous and so perfectly "you!" :o) Good things come to those who wait. Love your porch set, too.


as always starzie said...

Beautiful Sharon! The new pillows are so inviting and I love your patio furniture!
What a great find!



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