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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ladies Tea in the Apple Orchard: The preparation

My sister, Kathi, and I planned a fabulous tea party for our girlfriends out in her apple orchard! We decided we wanted to do this for a bunch of our lady friends and we would make it really special for them! My son, Hayden, and I drove up to her farm the day before with my car full of china, silver and linens! Here's Kathi helping me unload the car! Hayden was excited to go up to the farm and hang out with his cousins!
We had so much work to do!!! We just dumped all of my stuff in the middle of her dining room. She had all of her special things out too.
We thought it would be very romantic to use quilts for tablecloths. The first thing we did was lay out the three quilts we were using and we placed the china on them to get the best combinations.
The next thing we did was head out to the orchard where the tea was going to be held. Kathi and her girls had already done a few things to get it set up such as putting the lattice arbor out there.
The whole family helped! Here's Kathi's hubby, Stacey, driving the tractor pulling a trailer with the three tables we were going to be using. Also, two very handsome boys, Hayden and Harrison!
Here's the boys carrying the tables out to the orchard.
Oh my goodness! You can already tell that this is going to be adorable!
First we placed the tables in the most pleasing and functional ways.
There, that looks good! We wanted to make sure the ladies had room to walk around each table, but we also wanted them close enough for the ladies to be able to talk with each other at the other tables.
Here's Hayden and Garrett helping by picking up all the extra fallen apples.
That's all we're doing for tonight.
Let's grab Stacey and go out to the orchard to relax!
It was fun sitting out there discussing our plans for tomorrow!
Now it's time for dinner!
Kathi made us the most delicious pasta dinner and we all ate out side around the fire-pit! After that we went inside and hit the hay for tomorrow is a very big day!
"Cock-a-doodle-doo!" We heard the rooster say as he was informing us that it was morning and time to get up! You can see the sun rising there in the far background!
I took this opportunity to walk around their beautiful farm and snap a few pictures in the gorgeous early morning light!
I love these wild onion blooms!
Look at these gorgeous climbing roses on her beautiful wrought iron Mother's Day arbor.
Here's a cheerful basket sitting in between their paper-box and their cute John Deer tractor mail box!
This is a very unusual hydrangea plant. I love the cast iron cow sitting guard!
I like this pretty flower garden by the back door.
There's Blackie warming himself in the morning sun. He's probably irritated that I'm casting a shadow on him!
Okay, enough pictures, now Kathi and I need to get to work!
We wanted to give each lady a party favor and we decided on this cute idea of putting flowers in teacups! Kathi actually came up with this clever idea!
It was economical and easy! Both of us stocked up on cute little teacups that we had picked up the weeks prior from thrift stores. We had a rule that we would pay no more than .99 cents each, but found many for only .49 cents each. Then we bought inexpensive trays of flowers from the local home store to put in the cups!
We were having so much fun being out there at 7:00 am in our robes with our coffee.
Shorty came over to see what we were doing.
I wonder what her neighbors thought!
Don't hate us because we are beautiful! hahaha!
Kathi's girls were such a big help. Here's Victoria tying jute string to old canning jars. We used these as lanterns by placing tea lights in them and hanging them up the walk way to the tea and hung them in the apple trees all around in the orchard.
Here's Jessica making darling teacup shaped place markers for each lady. She also made the cutest party favors. She simply tied teabags to pretty teaspoons and wrote "Welcome to the tea party" on each one. So creative and so clever!!!
The next step was to put the tablecloths on all the tables. Here I'm putting some quilts on the serving tables.
Kathi is busy getting the centerpieces in place on each table.
Things are coming along!
It's getting exciting!
You can see how pretty it's going to be!

We used this wonderful galvanized water trough to hold ice for food items that need to stay cold such as cheesecake.
There's Blackie again! He's probably wondering what in the world is going on!
Wow, it's really coming together, but we still have so many more things to do!!! Come back tomorrow to see the next stages!

"The plans of people who work hard succeed." Proverbs 21:5

Hugs, Sharon

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Pearlin J said...

Love reading your blog. I've learnt so much from you :) Loved reading all about the preparation that goes into organizing a tea party.can't wait to see it all coming together.

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