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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ladies Tea in the Apple Orchard: Let the tea begin!

Well, the ladies are all here for our tea in the apple orchard and it's time to eat! As I said before, we had each lady bring a tray of either a sweet thing or a savory thing.
They did not disappoint! We had so many lovely dishes!
Here's Shannon filling her plate and I'm sneaking behind her.
Dee is cutting Vonda's cheesecake while Vonda, Karen and Kim wait in line to fill their plates.
Mary with my two girls, Brittany and Rachelle!
Shannon enjoying herself visiting with friends!
Me with Mary and Kathi.
Kathi and Kim! Kathi was cracking all of us up because her shawl is really a table runner! We would never known if she didn't tell us!
Lady Kelli wiping her mouth so eloquently with her napkin! She obviously knows her manners!
Brittany and Rachelle laughing with the ladies.
Sisters! Vonda, Wanda and Wendy!
All during the tea Kathi's adorable cat, Shorty (aptly named due to his lack of tail!) kept hanging around. I think he enjoyed the ladies!
We decided that for entertainment we would read poetry.
 Don't I look studious here! haha We had planned that just Kathi and I would read poems, but very soon...
....all of the ladies took a turn at reading! Mary was the first to start.
We all had so much fun! Here's Vonda.
Mary again.
They were all really getting into it!
Kelli again. I love this picture of her. She looks like she is from another time period!
Me again.
Wendy started cracking up!
Then she really got into it! haha!
We all really enjoyed ourselves just visiting and having fun with each other.
We really didn't have a formal agenda, just the poetry reading and we played a little trivia game about Jane Austin and gave away door prizes. We sure had fun though!
 It was a great time for all!
Cherilyn, Wendy, Kelli, Brittany, Rachelle and Kathi.
Well, the tea is over. We had such a lovely time. I'm sad it's over, but many great memories were made!
After most of the ladies had gone home, sisters Wanda, Wendy and Vonda, who are also our longtime friends stayed to help us clean up. We had a little more of the Baldwin sister's Secret Recipe and we had a great visit with them! Here's a picture of us on the back steps of Kathi's house.  Oh, what a fun tea we had! I feel so blessed with all of my lovely friends!

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Hugs, Lady Sharon

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Amy Ellen said...

Oh my you look like you had such a delightful time. I have not had a tea party in a long time and so miss it. Thank you for sharing!


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