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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ladies Tea in the Apple Orchard: Everything's ready!

Everything's ready for our victorian ladies tea out in the apple orchard! We ran inside to get dressed real quick and then did last minute things like lay the food out and light the candles!
We made sure every detail was attneded to! This is the way the ladies will be entering into the orchard area.
Jessica made this darling sign on an antique chalkboard and placed it in an old wheelbarrow filled with flowers.
"Welcome to the Tea in the Apple Orchard!"
The first thing we did was have the ladies stop and sign the guest book and pick out their place card.
Here's the darling teacup shaped place cards that Jessica made.
Kathi's girls, Victoria and Jessica, were so helpful with all of these little things. I appreciated them so much!
The next thing they will do is walk along the roped off pathway with the jar lanterns guiding their way!
You can see the cute jar lanterns that Victoria made.
Then they will walk through the rose arbor into the enchanting apple orchard where the tea is being held.
We named each table after the china pattern being used at that table. Here's the first table, "Desert Rose"
Here's the second, "Blue Willow"
And the last table, "Rose Chintz"
We served hot tea, regular iced tea and peach flavored iced tea. It was fun for me to use my new enamelware pot with spigot and my beautiful crystal apothecary beverage server.
We asked each lady to bring a pretty tray of either sweets or savories. Kathi and I both provided a tray of nummies, as well as the teas and we also placed some candies and other goodies on the table. My philosophy is that is much better to have too much food than not enough!
I also made "The Baldwin sister's secret recipe" hee hee! If you recall from the old TV show, The Walton's, the Baldwin sister's made moonshine in their backyard and called it "The Secret Recipe"! I didn't know what I was doing, so I just added a bunch of different teas together and added a little vodka and wine. It was really good!
I found this darling idea on the Internet.
I told Jessica about it and she made this perfect label that says, "Drink Me" after the famous concoction that Alice drank in Alice in Wonderland.
I love the chain that she hung it from!
Oh, everything looks exactly as we had hoped!
There's me in my white sundress and straw hat doing some last minute preparations!
Here's our other sister, Kelli. She came early and helped us with the last minute details. Isn't she adorable in her summer dress and hat!
We were having so much fun. The more things we did, the more ideas we had. We brought so many things from the house out to the orchard!
Kathi got this great idea of having fish bowls out in the garden from watching the movie, "Emma".
I never would have thought to bring them out there, but they were so fun and magical!
We hung several of the Ball canning jars from the trees and had tea lights burning in them. This effect would be especially enchanting if it were dark outside!

The creative juices were flowing with all of us. We placed this cute garden bench out there with a pillow from the house next to a table with a silver water pitcher filled with onion blossoms. 
I love how this looks with the straw hat sitting there!
We gave away three door prizes, which were in the three lovely bags placed here on this little table. The prizes will go to the girls who can answer our Jane Austin trivia questions first! You can also see the little spoon with teabag party favor's that Jessica made all nestled there together. Jessica also made these beautiful candles in delicate china teacups (shhh, don't tell, but that's also what's in the gift bags!).
For table decorations will filled the extra large sized blue Ball canning jars will Kathi's beautiful fresh roses that she cut from her rose garden.
I brought a bunch of garden looking things from my house to decorate with too. I brought this wonderful crackeled ceramic bunny who made this great centerpiece on the Desert Rose table.
I also brought this awesome rooster who sits proudly as the centerpiece of the Blue Willow table.
And for the Rose Chintz table with have this adorable ceramic statue of Mama Bunny with and Baby Bunny. Now, lets take a closer look at each table. 
Here are some close up pictures of the Desert Rose table. 
These are Kathi's very special dishes that she received from her dear mother-in-law, Vivian.
We paired them with my ruby goblets. 
And burgundy napkins with crystal napkin rings. 
I love how the quilt picks up the colors in the dishes. 
Here's more pictures of the Blue Willow table. These are my new dishes that I found at a thrift store earlier in the summer. I love how the blue dishes just pop with the yellow quilt!
I have always admired Blue Willow dishes, but for some reason, I have never, ever purchased any.
 I was so thrilled when I found this whole set for 10 at a thrift store for $24.00!
I found the gorgeous cobalt blue chargers at Goodwill this past Spring. I paid $1.99 per charger and I bought eight of them.
I think they were well wroth it. they add so much interest and beauty to the table! I love added detail of the silver blue balls on the edges! We used Kathi's beautiful blue based wine goblets on this table.
You can see our party favor flower in the tea cup there. We placed one in front of every plate. 
Lastly, here's the Rose Chintz table. 
These are my very special dishes that I recieved from Eric's grandmother, Alberta. I absolutely love them! Alberta and I have the same taste!!!
When my mother-in-law gave them to me, I was so touched and thrilled! I really, really love them!
We put them with my ruby goblets and burgundy napkins. On this table we also used beaded burgundy napkin holders. 
I love this picture that my niece, Victoria, took. I love how the light shines through the ruby glass. 
Here's my cute little teapot that I found at a local pharmacy. I love the crystal knob on the top!
Now that you've seen all the tables.... you have a favorite?
I must admit, I really love all of them!
Well, the tables are set, the food is out, the water is boiling and the candles are lit. All we need now are our beautiful guests! Come back tomorrow to meet our friends!

"A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water." Proverbs 11:25

Hugs, Sharon

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as always starzie said...

Dear Sharon,
I just loved seeing all of your beautiful tables! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. What a special event for all of your lady friends and family. Can't wait to see more tomorrow!



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