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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ladies Tea in the Apple Orchard: The clean up

Well, our tea is over and this is what we're faced with!
Oh well, it will clean up fast.
It was so worth it!
We decided to forgo the dishes and have a nightcap with our friends who are also sisters, Wanda, Wendy and Vonda. We all go way back. I first met Wanda when I was 12 and we were in the same class in 7th grade. As we sat and drank our "secret recipe" from tiny cordial glasses, we realized how much all of our lives have crossed paths and intertwined over the past 37 years!
We were so happy when Hayden and Harrison came in and started doing the dishes! They were a great help!
After a great night's sleep, we woke up and still had lots of clean up to do. Kelli had to get up and go back home early this morning, so we said goodbye to her after breakfast.
We had to pack all of my dishes and decorations back up. Hayden and I were planning on staying another night, but I wanted all of this work done. So we packed it all up and put it in my car. We also got all of Kathi's china and decorations all put away too.
After we got the whole house back in shape, we decided to go sit in the shade had take a well deserved break!
We had iced tea...
....and popcorn!
The kids were having fun swimming and laying in the sun nearby.  
Victoria and Garrett were having a squirt gun fight!
Kathi and I had so much fun just relaxing and reliving all of the fun moments from the tea.
Hey, there's a wild rabbit! How fun!
Well, the sun is going down again. Isn't this a beautiful picture of their yard? Hey, while we are so close to the apple orchard, lets go see what it looks like now after the tea.
Wow, it's hard to believe that just 24 hours ago, this place was full of tables & chairs, teacups and beautiful ladies reading poetry!
It's all cleaned up now! 
Wow, it's so beautiful and peaceful out here. My sister is so blessed to live on this gorgeous farm!
We decided to put all the left over blue Ball canning jars full of roses in Kathi's kitchen window. Don't they look beautiful!
Well, it's time for dinner and we're hungry! Kathi's getting the barbecue ready for hamburgers!
Stacey and Garrett are watering the plants.
Now Stacey's flipping burgers!
Kathi and Stacey relaxing a bit before dinner!
Dinner's ready....come and get it everyone!
Harrison and Hayden devouring their plates!
After dinner the adults stayed at the table and visited and the kids all went out to the yard to play badminton and tag.
I am so thankful that all the cousins get along and have so much fun together!
I love this picture of the roses through the kitchen window at night!
It's a new dawn and a new day! Good Morning Garrett!
I decided to go out to the orchard to have a little alone time with God.
Well, I wasn't completely alone. Shorty came out over to visit with me!
I had my Streams in the Desert devotional book and a cup of coffee! I was set!
Oh shorty, you are such a cutie!
Later, Kathi came out with her coffee to visit with me and she took these pictures.
Having alone time with the Lord in the morning is one of my favorite things to do!
After Kathi and I visited a bit, I left her out there alone to have her devotional time with the Lord and I took these pictures of her. This time Blackie came over to visit her!
Later that morning Jessica said, "Can we pleeeaaassseee go to the thrift stores? It just won't be the same to have a visit from Aunt Sharon if we don't go to the thrift stores, can we pleeeaaassseee go???" Well who could say no to that!!! The only problem was that there were many chores that needed to be done that day around the farm. Well, we all wanted to go thrift store shopping and out to lunch, so we rolled up our sleeves and we all worked together to get it all done! Here's Hayden and Victoria picking up apples.
Jessica is working in the garden.
There are many weeds to be pulled out in the garden, so we all helped.
Work really can be fun if you all work together! We got everything done quickly, so we headed to town!
We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Here's Victoria, Kathi, Jessica and me.
Hayden and Garrett.
We're at our favorite store, Goodwill! This is a traditional shot that we take almost every time we all go together ~ all of us in front of Goodwill! haha!
Kathi and I both found wonderful treasures! After having the tea, we both realized we wanted to buy more decorative things for entertaining, so it was really fun shopping! I bought the gorgeous cream and burgundy pitcher that I'm holding here.
The kids were done shopping, so they decided to sit down right in the middle of the store and play a game! They are all so great!
Well, our trip is over. We hugged and said our goodbyes and drove home. Hayden helped me unpack all of my things.
Oh my goodness! What a mess!
This is a lot to deal with and I'm tired!
But, I rolled up my sleeves, jumped in and got it all put away within an hour. I love the feeling of having such a great party and then having everything all cleaned up and put away.  Now I just get to relax and look at all the pictures reminisce about everything. It's a glowy kind of feeling. I really love it.  We had so much fun doing this. Kathi and I worked together really well and we both enjoyed it very much. We are strongly considering doing it again next year! I think I do need a little time to rest though!

"Let reverence for the Lord be the concern of your life. If it is, you have a bright future." Proverbs 23:17-18

Hugs, Sharon


as always starzie said...

Dear Sharon,
What a beautiful tea! I enjoyed watching all of it unfold! It is such a treasure having such wonderful lady friends. And sisters are such a blessing! Now take a few days and rest up so you can dream about next years tea!



Sue said...

Enjoyed reading the past two post of your tea in the orchard. so blessed. Enjoy your weekend.

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