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Friday, August 6, 2010

A fun day at the swimming hole!

 Blondie is so excited because we are all packed for a fun day at Brice creek! These little day trips are something we look forward to every year. We are blessed to live within driving distance to so many gorgeous places here in Oregon, so it's very easy to pack a picnic lunch and go swimming! I have done this with my kids for years!
 On this day I took Hayden and his two buddies, Dustin and Daniel for fun in the sun at the creek. To get there we have to cross this neat little bridge.
There's the creek!
I like this picture that I took of myself!
Then we have to hike about a half a mile to get to the swimming hole.
The trail is so beautiful and peaceful!
There's the swimming hole! Isn't the water gorgeous; it looks like we're in Mexico or Africa or some far off exotic destination! I love this place! Can you see Hayden there jumping off the rocks?
Here's a closer look.
Now it's Dustin's turn.
The boy's were having so much fun. I think they are figuring out their next trick here.
Hi Mom!
Hayden taking off to do a "gainer"
That's a backwards flip with somersault

Now, this takes skill!

Good job Hayden!
Now it's Daniel's turn.
Wow, he's looking good!
Now Dustin's!
Time for lunch!
What a cutie pie my son is!
My favorite part of these day trips we make? I love sitting in the sun, reading a book and watching the kids have fun. I also love eating egg salad sandwiches in the sun!
Hayden wants to let Blondie have a turn at jumping off the rocks.
He needs a little help getting her up there though!
There we go!
Okay Blondie, here's your big moment! See the stick.....go get it!
Hey! She got it! Good girl Blondie!
Hayden was having so much fun with her in the water.
I love this picture!
She was having so much fun!
She's only 10 months old and playing fetch is new to her.
She really caught on though and really enjoys it!
Throw me another one!
Well, it's time to head back home. What a fun afternoon we had!
One last's a video of Hayden and Dustin doing back flips off the rocks at Brice Creek.

"I love those who love Me, and those who seek Me find Me." Proverbs 8:17

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Wow, what an amazing place!! It's breathtaking. Looks like so much fun. You're such a great mom, Sharon. ♥♥ Way-2-go Blondie! :o)

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