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Monday, July 12, 2010

My herritage...

Yesterday I showed you pictures from our Walton family reunion and I mentioned this table that we had there with photos and other things displayed from our past. Today I wanted to share with you some of these things.
Someone brought this neat embroidered Tree of Life with all of the family members written on "fruit" stickers. Now that is a very large family tree!
Here's a very old album with pictures from the turn of the century! The picture in the middle is my grandfather Harry Walton with his father, Thomas on the left and his mother, Agnes, on the right. The pictures on the top are of their homestead and their barn. Both Thomas and Agnes came across the Oregon Trail in covered wagons back in 1868!
Here's Harry with his hunting dog. Notice the belt of bullets he's wearing!
This is an old picture from 1899 of my Grandmother Ethel. She's the little girl on the far left.
Here's Harry and his buddy Tom striking a fine pose!
I love this picture of my grandfather Harry at his job as a dishwasher.
Pictures of my grandpa Harry working with a horse logging team.
This is my grandmother Ethel as a teacher at a local High school.
This is a great picture of my Grandpa Harry and Grandma Ethel. I believe they were married here and this was early in their relationship.
Here they are in their first home with three babies! Little did they know there would be six more coming!
Here's a neat old picture of Grandpa with some other loggers in front of an old steam donkey.
I love this picture of 7 of the 9 Walton kids! My father is the dark haired boy on the top left.
Here's a wonderful picture of most of the family in front of their home. I believe their oldest child, Lawrence, is not in the picture because he was in the army at the time.
Boys with their hunting riffles.
Isn't this a great picture of four of the brothers in their bib overalls! From left to right, Lester, Wayne, Ernie and my dad, Leonard.
I love this photo of their front gate in the snow. I can just imagine all nine of the kids coming home from school and walking through this wonderful old gate!
My hard working grandma Ethel on laundry day in the kitchen. Look at that old ring washer! With nine kids and a hard working husband, I'm sure she had a ton of laundry to do!
Grandma reading the paper. I love looking at her clothes and the surrounding wallpaper and home furnishings.
Here's grandpa busy in the kitchen.
Grandma walking in town. Notice the cool wooden sidewalk!
Here's a picture of the old Booth Kelley Mill in 1945-46 where Grandpa worked.
My uncle Lester had this picture of an old Disney cartoon. He said that the illustrator lived in their little town of Wendling and at the urging of the local children, he wrote their town name in the cartoon!
Here's a darling picture of my Daddy when he was a young boy. I believe he's about 8 in this picture.
This is him about ten years later as a young teen playing the guitar.
This is my aunt Helen playing the accordion!
I love this picture of Grandpa and Grandma on the last day in their old house. It was probably a bittersweet day for them.
This is the way I remember my grand-mama. She was such a sweet old lady who loved the Lord and read her Bible daily. She had the cutest smile and she was a hugger. She was a prayer warrior and prayed for all of her children and grandchildren. I still remember her wrinkled old hands and the smell of her soft aprons. She had a long gray braid that went all the way down to her fanny, but she always kept it up in a bun which she held there with old fashion pins. Oh how I loved my grandma.

I know she's in heaven now and some day we will all be reunited. Her and grandpa left behind a strong Christian legacy with all of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

I am so thankful for my heritage and I feel so blessed with my family!

"And I will give them one heart and one way that they may honor Me forever, for their own good and for the good of their descendants." Jeremiah 32:39

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Oh Sharon,
You are so blessed to have such wonderful family photos. I studied each and every one ~ oh how I love pictures of history. My Grandmother (born in 1896) lived to be 105 yrs. old. Before she passed, she gave me a small box of family pics. Unfortunately, none of them were written on on the back. I really have no idea who they are. Makes me so sad. It's wonderful that you have these TREASURES. :o)

That one snapshot of Lester looks like Cameron ~ has that same smile!

Hugs to you,

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