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Friday, April 8, 2011


Eric and I went to the Bulldog Auction!
This is an annual auction that is held to raise money to support the sports program at the high school.
I have served on this committee for many years and this year I stepped down and just helped set it up the day of the auction.
This year the theme was a western theme.
The decorations were adorable! With barrels, bales of hay and old canning jars.
They even had an old jail cell to lock up "criminals"!
I love the bandannas and the straw!
So cute!
They had cowboy touches everywhere!
The bright flowers look so pretty!
Cute idea with the multiple signs!
Love this!
The banquet room was decorated amazingly!
I've never seen anything so cute!
If I ever have a barn party, I'm going to use all of these great ideas!
They had peanuts in little pails on each table along with tea lights in canning jars.
The stage was set up so cute with bales of hay and this old wagon wheel!
Here are some of the oral auction items.
This looks like a load of fun!
Cool sports memorabilia!
Here I am at the check in table with Angie, Nicole and Lisa. We had fun checking everyone in.
Some of the girls on the committee, Kim, Kim, Nicole and Lisa. They sure worked hard to put this all together!
It was good that so many people were bidding on things!
Eric and I were having a blast!
There's our son, Grayson's girlfriend, Rachelle! Isn't her outfit cute! Love those red boots!
Rachelle and her Dad, Tim.
Oh-oh! Eric got arrested! haha!
Now he has some cell mates! Tim, Eric and Pete are busted!
Oh no! Now Rachelle's in the pen!
Eric and Dwayne taking a little break!
Rachelle and Tim, runs in the family!
I knew it was bound to happen that I would be falsely accused and jailed!
My husband's on the outside. He said he'd always wait for me!
Tim and Kim! I love her outfit!
Rachelle and I.
There was a great sized crowd there!
The cheerleaders did some line dancing for us!
Pete and Makona sang a wonderful western song.
Rachelle was one of the display girls.
Eric and I are having fun bidding on things.
Eric donated this chainsaw to the event. It went for $350.00!!! Woot woo!!!
Rachelle gave a nice speech about how sports helped her in her life.
She was nervous, but....
....she did a wonderful job.
Now, lets get back to the auction!
Going once, going twice, sold to the nice man in the back there!
We had a great time with good friends for a wonderful cause, it was a win/win/win night!

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." Hebrews 13:16 

Hugs, Sharon

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