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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Vortex....

Road trip!!!!! It's Spring break and Hayden and I are going on a little road trip together!
We fueled up and got some coffees and headed out! We have a 200 mile trip ahead of us!
We are heading to The Oregon Vortex!
This trip has been a long time coming! 
Our whole family went to the Vortex about 12 years ago on the way home from a camping trip, but Hayden was very sick with the flu and could not go in, so I stayed with him in the camper while he slept and Eric took the other three boys in to see the Vortex.
After all these years we're here and we get to see the famous Oregon Vortex!
This owners of the Vortex claim that it's a spherical area of force that is 165 feet in diameter and sits have above ground and half below.
Because of the Vortex, the resulting effect can make visitors shrink or grow larger, depending on where they stand and can cause balls or bottles roll u hill, compasses and other instruments go haywire and even make a broom stand on its own.
So far, there has not been much action, except Hayden got chosen to be in the demonstration! They had him stand against a pole and had a girl stand against another pole.
When they switched places, he seemed to have grown and she seemed to have shrunk. Strange!
Okay, that was a little interesting. Now let's head up to the House of Mystery!
This building was erected in 1904 by the Old Grey Eagle Mining Company. In 1910 the house slid off it's foundation and came to rest an an odd angle. It has remained that way every since.
Hayden daring to go in!
It is a goofy building, that's for sure.
It was hard to stand up straight. I am the demo girl for this little exercise. hee hee!
This broom is standing all by it's self! This was pretty cool to see, but apparently balancing a broom can be done at home and we didn't have to drive 200 miles to see it! haha!
This golf ball rolled up hill!
Hayden is standing straight, but he's so crocked!
It feels pretty weird!
It looks weird too. I actually got a little dizzy and nauseous from it.
This ball is supposedly hanging straight down, but it looks angled. We're pretty skeptical and pretty sure that it's all an illusion!
Hayden was used in another demonstration.
This pop bottle rolled up hill!
Aaaannndddd.....we're done! The show's over. That's it! Wow, we drove 200 miles, paid $10.00 a piece for a thirty minute tour of a crocked house.
We felt a little bit like we were suckers being pulled into this Vortex hoax, but we had a great day together! There are some legitimate weird things going on in this place, but we wished they had more demonstrations and proof of the phenomena.
What a fun memory we made and we finally got to see what the rest of the family saw 12 years ago. We went out to lunch after this had such a great talk in the car. It was a perfect day with my son! It was priceless!

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth." III John 1:4

Hugs, Sharon

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