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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outstanding plate stand!

I wanted to show you this wonderful two-tiered plate stand that I found at Goodwill for $1.99! I've been wanting one and was so thrilled when I found it for such a great price! It originally had fake ivy hot-glued all over it, which I didn't care for, so I ripped it off. I like the cute little scalloped edge on it.
I bought it to set on my new kitchen island.
I also found two really cool plates that fit on it perfectly when I was at Goodwill. I try to do this when I buy things so that I can get a perfect fit and/or perfect match.
I think it looks really good there, do you? It seems like having domes on the plates would be even cuter, lets try it...
...hey, I like that! Now let me see if I can dig up another dome somewhere around here.
I found one, but oh no! It doesn't fit! Bummer!!!!
It just doesn't look very good with a dome only on the top plate and not on the bottom. I must think of a solution!
Oh, and while I've got you here so close to my little island, let me show you something else that's new. What do you think of my new cabbage rose table runner that I put on the island? I love it! I think it adds that perfect touch of country charm to my kitchen. My friend Jill gave it to me! Thank you Jill!
Okay, so now the wheels are turning, I wonder if this shallow lid will fit.
Well, it certainly fits, but it looks ridiculous!
It's way to small and just looks silly. I am so bummed! Hmmmm, must keep trying!
Hey, I wonder if it would work if I took the top plate off and placed the dome down inside and then placed the top plate on again.
Let's try it!
Hey, it works!!!
I'm so happy! :0)
Now doesn't that look cute!
It's a perfect place to store cookies!
I love how it looks!
It reminds me of a bakery or a confectionery store! I love it when things like this come together!

"But happy are those who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the Lord their God!" Psalm 146:5

Hugs, Sharon


Lady Farmer said...

Hi Sharon~
You always find the best stuff at your Goodwill! Your plate stand is out*standing*! :~D (What a nice table runner from your friend, too!)
How fortuitous to have two domes that match. They looks perfect on the stand with the two plates. You couldn't have done better purchasing it as a set at a much greater price, for sure! Very pretty!

Sue said...

I like it, but I have my eye on that rooster. so cute,

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