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Monday, June 28, 2010

The flowers of summer...

Summer's here and our flowers are all in bloom!
When we moved into this house we "inherited" this beautiful rose bush.
I love the color, it's the most beautiful shade of coral.
Oh how I love summer! I love it when you can actually see the sun shining and creating shadows on the deck!
Here are two pots placed on both sides of our french doors.
I filled them with snapdragons, petunias and lobelia.
Here are three pots filled with petunias. They haven't quite bloomed yet.
Another pot with petunias, snap dragons and purple alyssum.
More petunias. Our deck gets lots of sun, so they do well out there.
Our deck on a summer morning. Oh how I love mornings like this!
Hey, what's that in the tree?
It's a Blue Jay that has stopped for a little snack at our bird feeder! I'm so excited they're using it!
Here's our little flower garden in the front yard in front of our dining room window.
And our heart shaped rock collection.
Here's a cute stone bunny hanging out under the Bleeding Heart bush. Can you see a pattern developing here in all my pictures that I love rabbits? I think they are so cute and I decorate a lot with them! The white specks you see in the dirt is slug bait. Here in Oregon we have lots of slugs, so it is pertinent that we spread slug bait out because otherwise they will eat our flowers down to the roots if we don't.
I love bleeding hearts! Aren't they beautiful!
Here's a cute little planter filled with colorful flowers.
Whiskey barrel filled with more color spots.
I love to decorate with flags for not just 4th of July, but for the whole summer.
I love how the morning sun hits our wicker settee on the front porch!
Our cute little old fashioned mail box filled with blue and white lobelia and a couple of flags.
Here's my cute shelf and flower box that my father made for us a long time ago. Its filled with white and pink begonias.
Oh how I love summer and the beautiful flowers that come along with it!

"A glad heart makes a happy face." Proverbs 16:13a

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Sue said...

Stopping by to say Hi, Sharon, and want you to know this post causes me to long even more for warmer weather and to be able to enjoy my beautiful flowers too I think the mailbox with flowers is precious.
I enjoyed reading your last two post also, especially the Father's Day, as it brought back memories of time spent with our fathers. You truly have such a beautiful family.
As always I leave refreshed.

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