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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Decorations!

Oh boy! I have lots of work to do!
I dug out my Valentine's Day decorations and put everything on the dining room table to sort through. I have about three boxes of stuff and I'd really like to get it down to just one!
This is one of my favorite decorations and I will not be throwing it out!
I made this a long time ago and I just love it. It's called a rag swag and it's a piece of jute string with a ton of rags of valentine print fabric tied to it.
Then I added all kinds of heart and love related items to it. This little red felt valentine face is my favorite; my son, Cameron, made it for me when he was a little boy.
I love it!
This is my display on top of our computer desk.
I found this darling tea pot at a garage sale for $1.00!
Here's a cute little clown in a heart suit. There's actually a hole in the front for a candle, but I just covered it up with a heart button.
I framed all of these vintage Valentine's cards.
I also have a heart shaped crystal box filled with candy.
I like to have little touches of red, hearts or love related items throughout the whole house.
A red bird, red and white votive holder and a crown dish filled with heart candies.
Cute magnets and a sign on the fridge.
Be Mine!
Little heart dishes with chocolates!
A framed reproduction Valentine's post card.
Our kitchen windowsill display.
I love these little guys!
Here's a neat Valentine's box next to a picture of my one and only in a heart shaped frame!
I love changing out my mugs with seasonal/holiday cups. Here's my collection of Valentine's mugs.
This is a new addition! Isn't it cute, but wait....
....there's a surprise inside!
Here's my display on top of the kitchen bookshelf.
I made the fun shadow box of Valentine's related items.
I filled this heart shaped box with all kinds of goodies.
I tucked this vintage Valentine in with some hankies with hearts on them and some heart shaped home made stitched items.
A cherub blowing his horn for love!
I hung this cute reproduction candy holder on the side of the bookcase.
I filled it with fun things!
A pretty crystal heart shaped box filled with valentine's candies.
A fun display in the living room.
Love birds!
Be Mine!
I love you!
I love this vintage heart shaped Valentine's chocolate box. I want to start collecting these, but they are really rare, I just don't see them very much.
I placed this cute heart shaped red and white votive holder on the entryway table along with a few ruby red hearts.
My sweet friend, Mareta, made me this little banner.
Isn't it cute! I love Scottie dogs!
Here are the decorations in our powder room.
Vintage Valentine's cards along with some heart shaped candles and Cinderella's glass slipper! Well, it's red, so maybe it's Dorothy's ruby slipper!
"I'd like to swing along with you!"
I love this new find, the heart shaped vase with the silhouette of cupid.
So sweet!
I filled it with red and white buttons!
Here's another candy holder.
Filled with candy of course!
I love the beads!
Little acts of Valentine's love... I brought Hayden up a mug of hot chocolate and snuck it on the bathroom counter while he was in the shower.
Eric delivered these beautiful flowers to me when I was at work! Love that man!!!
I bought him a big box of chocolates and gave him a mushy card! :0)
I gave all of the  kids these cute puppy and kitty suckers. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

"Walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us." Ephesians 5:2a

Hugs, Sharon

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