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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Camping, Day 1

We're all packed in the truck and ready to go camping for Memorial Day weekend! Here's Blondie in the truck on the way there. This was her first camping trip and she did amazing!
We drove for a couple of hours to the high lakes in Eastern Oregon. It looks like Blondie dozed off!
Here we are at Crescent Lake! Our little home away from home! Here's Cameron, Hayden and Hayden's friend, Ryan. On the first night it was just us; Mackenzie and Brittany and Grayson and Rachelle were coming up the next day.
Eric and I getting cozy by the fire after all the unpacking and setting up our campsite.
Cameron and Hayden warming themselves at the fire. It's so much fun to go camping!'s cold out there, it's time for a cup of hot cocoa! that's the stuff!
Hayden in front of the fire.
Cameron in front of the fire. I love the times around the campfire!
Hello gorgeous! Haha! Eric's a lucky man! hee hee! I took this picture of myself as soon as I woke up because I knew it would be a funny one! Ha ha!
Is that better? I fixed myself up a little and look presentable now! Ha ha!
It's time for my special time with the Lord and a cup of hot coffee! I love my devotional book for campers called "Good morning, Lord."
Good morning Hayden!
Good morning Cameron!
We had fun watching all the chipmunks run around our campsite. We caught this little guy red handed steeling our dog food!
Look at his chubby cheeks filled with dog food!
We heard some rustling sounds coming from the side of the camper and decided to investigate.
Upon closer inspection we realized we caught something!
It's a little chipmunk who got caught in our bird seed bag! Haha! Isn't that funny! At first he probably thought he was in heaven with all those munchies, but then he realized he was trapped! We let him go right after I took this picture.
Come with me and we'll take a stroll down to the lake.
Isn't the sky gorgeous! The skies in Eastern Oregon are so brilliant with the most beautiful shade of periwinkle blue! And just look at those magnificent giant pine trees! God is amazing!
Wow! Look how beautiful the water is! Crescent Lake is so gorgeous! It's breathtaking!
It is so pretty and also peaceful and quiet!
I have the whole place to myself!
Hey, there's a boat..."Ahoy there"
Hey...that's my hubby, Eric, coming back from an early morning fishing trip!
He's a happy man! Here he is heading back to camp after fishing with his dog and his coffee in hand! Life is good!
Eric and Cameron visiting at camp with Blondie keeping watch near by!
Hayden and Ryan playing cribbage in the camper.
Grayson and Rachelle are finally here!
Grayson and Rachelle relaxing after their long drive.
Mackenzie and Brittany arrived shortly thereafter.
Look what Brittany has in her hands....she brought two big bags of her homemade chocolate chip cookies!
Mackenzie and Brittany putting their tent together.
This is the first time as a married couple! Will they survive it? Haha!
Yes indeed, it looks like they did! Home sweet home!
Here's Grayson setting up Rachelle's tent. He slept in the tent next door with brother, Cameron.
Hayden and Ryan whittling.
Cameron and Hayden decided to go for a run around the lake.
Have a good run guys!
Later the four brothers decided to go four-wheeling in Grayson's jeep.
The girls and I played scrabble!
Mackenzie and Brittany!
Eric and I in front of our home away from home.
Hayden taking a nap.
Just chill'n at camp. That's what I love about camping, everyone gets to do what they want, yet we're still all together. It is so peacful, fun and relaxing! I love it!
Eric's barbecuing hamburgers for dinner!
I love this picture. Cameron and Hayden are playing cribbage while Mackenzie and Ryan are watching and you can see Eric in the background barbecuing.
Time for dinner!
Sitting around the campfire!
Cozy toes!
Grayson and Rachelle snug as a bug in a rug!
Mackenzie and Brittany cuddling up by the fire.

That's all for today. Come back tomorrow to see the rest of our trip! We had such a wonderful time!

"I will make a covenant of peace with them and rid the land of wild beasts so that they may live in the desert and sleep in the forests in safety. I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing" Ezekiel 34:25-26

Hugs, Sharon


Sue said...

Beautiful Family, wonderful time spent together.
I always enjoy my visits here.

Rita said...

when our kids were young, we went camping all the time. It was so much fun. Now that I am older, I just want to camp in a nice motel! ha!

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