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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mackenzie and Brittany's Yard

My sister Kathi and I were spending the day together in town and we decided to stop by my son and his wife's house because Kathi had not seen their home yet. Mackenzie was busy working in his yard when we got there. Brittany was not there at the time, she was out state visiting her family.
They have done so much to this place to improve it. Click here to read the story of when they first got it and you can see pictures.
They bought this home right before they got married and have lived here now for about a year and a half. This place was a fixer-upper and needed so much TLC, but it was also such a blessing because they got such a great deal on it!
Here's a "before" picture of the side of the house leading to the back door. Yikes!!! This was taken the weekend they got possession of the house. The people left all of this garbage for them to deal with!
Here's a picture of how it looks now! They have done so much work to this place and it looks so beautiful! The first thing they did, obviously, was to get rid of all of the garbage! They cleaned it and did repair work and then completely transformed the inside. Then the concentrated on the outside. First they painted it this beautiful Robin's egg blue and then got new windows and put trim around all the windows.
Most recently Mackenzie removed all of the old broken cement tiles in the pathway leading to the house and laid down the new gray tiles.
It is so neat and clean looking now! Let's step to the back yard and see what he's up to today!
He's laying a new cement tile pathway out to his shed.
This project takes a lot of work. First he has to lay them all out in a pleasing way and also a practical way. The distance between each step needs to be spaced properly and measured for a comfortable pace for the average person to walk.
He then has to dig the ground out from under each stone so that the stones will be flush with the grass.
He also made Brittany some boxes for a raised vegetable garden.
She will plant many vegetables here in a few weeks!
Brittany planted these pretty flowers in this cute hanging flower box.
I love my son so much and am so very proud of him and his wonderful home that he has made with his wife! It is so heartwarming for me to see my son doing so well and to be so happy with his wife and his home. God has surely blessed them and He has blessed me with them!

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." Genesis 2:15

Fondly, Sharon

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Sue said...

Hi Sharon, love the boots, but love the price even better. I have been out of the loop of blogging and have enjoyed catching up on your posts. Wishing Eric a belated happy birthday, enjoyed your thoughts and photo of Mackenzie's yard makeover.
Sharon I always enjoy reading about your family, and probably have told you in the past of all the love I see here.

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