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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hayden's Track Season 2010

It's track season again!!! Here's our runner, Hayden at the first meet of the season.
It was a old and blistery day!
I had hot chocolate, a warm coat, gloves and boots and I was still cold!
Here comes Hayden running the 100 meter race! He took first place!
Eric and Hayden heading to the snack shack. Notice the money in Hayden's hands from good 'ol Dad! Haha!
Next is the 4x400 relay. Here's Allen passing the baton to Hayden.
Run Hayden run!
Now he's passing it to Larry.
Hayden was wiped out after that! They ended up taking 1st in the relay!
Grayson and Eric watching one of the meets.
Brrr...another cold one! We try to go to all of our kids events, rain or shine!
I am so impressed when I watch him set up the starting blocks.
He measures them out and snaps them into place.
Then he gets ready physically and mentally. He tells me that he always prays before a race.
There he goes!!!
It was sad, because at the beginning of the season he had such potential to go really far, but he injured his right calf muscle and he never quite recovered. His coach and our family doctor finally told him he needed to rest it for a few days.
Eric and I at another meet.
My sister, Kathi, came to this one and brought her kids along. It's so nice that they are so supportive!
Here I am with my nieces and nephew, Jessica, Victoria and Harrison.
Finally a track meet on a sunny day!
He is getting better, but not quite 100%. He took third place in this one (he's the second one from the left). It's sad because the injury and the resting really took a toll on his overall performance.
Now it's the end of the regular track season and it's time for the district track meet! This is the first day are the preliminaries. There's Hayden walking on the track with some of his buddies.
It is always so fun to go to these events. They are so exciting and remind me of the circus or something with all the flags and signs that are hanging across the field.
The teams are there all day from early morning until about 5:00, so each school sets up a tent as a temporary home away from home.
Here's the Bulldog tent. It looks like it would be fun to hang out there!
Here's Hayden ready to start the 100, he's the second one from the right in the red.
Even though he had a rough season with his injury, he still qualified to run in this race.
He ran his hardest....
...but he did not qualify. He was okay about it though. I really like this sport because there is so much camaraderie and sportsmanship with all the athletes. Here they all are shaking hands after the race.
Hayden walking back to the team tent after his defeat. :0(
I'm proud of you Hayden! You'll get 'em next year.
Well, that's all for the prelim's, time to pack up and go home. Tomorrow we will be back for the district finals!
Okay, now we're back on the field for the districts finals. Here comes Hayden running the 400.
Oh, shoot, it looks like he's not doing so well.
He couldn't quite do it, he got 5th place.
That's okay honey.
You had a rocky start with your injury and you still did really well. Besides, you're just a sophomore and you have two more years ahead of you!
Now the boys are getting in place for the 4x100 relay.
The other guys are going ahead to get in their positions.
Hayden runs the first leg.
Here he is checking his blocks.
On your mark...get set....
.....go!!! Sadly, they didn't place again. The competition is really tough this year!
Now for his last race of the day, the 4x400. Here he is coming in from running his leg of the race.
Looking good, but there are a few guys ahead of them.
Passing the baton to Larry. I always get soooo nervous when they pass the baton, we have seen many a team drop the baton and it is so heartbreaking for them. Our boys did great this year and never dropped it once!
Phewww...that's a hard run!
Well, they didn't do too bad, they ended up taking 4th place! Here' the team afterwards, Larry, Corbin, Allen and Hayden.
Unfortunately, only the top three teams go on to the State Championships, so they will not be going. That's okay, it was still a great season and we have much to look forward to! Here they are standing on the championship podium in the 4th place position.
I always feel better when I see him after his sporting events that were a little disappointing and he's smiling (this is true for all of my kids)! Especially on this day while sporting this hilarious jester hat! Sports are really a great thing, but they are not everything in life and I'm proud that he knows his priorities and just takes it all in stride. I do think Hayden learned a lot about how important stretching is before a race, as not stretching properly contribuited greatly to his injury. So that's a wrap up of the 2010 track season. Can't wait for next year!

"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize." I Corinthians 9:24

Hugs, Sharon


Julieann said...

So Many great photos!!! I like the one with son and Dad walking away together and the one of you and your sissy:)

Happy Thursday Sharon!


Rita said...

Good for you making all of his events! That is one of the things I missed about my kids growing up was going to their games and supporting them in their endeavors. Have a good weekend.

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