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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fishing Derby!

My husband, Eric, entered into a fishing derby and it ended up being so much fun for both of us! This is the first time he has ever done this! Actually, the owner of the company he contracts his logging work with entered a team into the derby and he asked Eric if he'd like to fish in it and of course he said yes! They picked up Eric the night before they drove to the Umpqua River to the derby. They fished all day and spent the night. The next day they got up and fished more.

I joined Eric on the second night for the dinner and auction after the fishing derby. We wanted to make it a little romantic trip, so we got a hotel for the night!
As soon as I got there I found Eric and Cary. They did good fishing and got two big ones!
There were fishing boats everywhere around that place!
We went inside to find our seats and check out the auction items.
Right in front of the front doors they were barbecuing oysters and giving them away! They were very delicious!
Wow, there's a large crowd here! This fishing derby and auction is actually a fundraiser to help increase the number of salmon and to protect the fish populations. They do projects like improving fish habitat, create spawning beds in streams and creating fish friendly passages.
I love the centerpieces! Children from the local schools made these neat salmon out of paper.
Eric and I were having a fun night!
We walked around and bid on several of the silent auction items.
They had lots of neat auction items and packages.
I thought this was acute idea a crummy dinner! This is funny because the guys in the logging industry call their vehicles that they take up to the logging units a "crummy". For this oral auction package, they take you and a group of friends in the crummy up to a cabin in the woods for a gourmet dinner!
This beautiful yellow lab puppy is even up for auction!
We bought raffle tickets too!
I hope one of these is a winner!
It's time to eat!
Mmmm! What a meal! Barbecued chicken, green beans, baked beans, coleslaw, rolls and cheesecake for dessert! During the dinner they announced the fishing derby winners and Eric's team took second place! Not bad for their first time!!!
Let the auction begin!
They started it off by offering a poker hand for sale for $10.00.
We bought one.
Will we be lucky?
Let lady luck be on our side! (haha, no reason why this picture is in here, I just like how it looks, kind of artsy ya know!)
Time to open up our envelope and see our hand. Nope, it's not a winner. Bummer!
Time to start the oral bidding. We bid on items and tried to win things, but it was a rich crowd and things like a weekend for two to the coast that should have gone for about $300.00 went for $1000.00! This is good since they are trying to earn money to help the fishing industry, but it's too rich for our blood!
The next morning we had a fun breakfast and then we hit the road for home.
This was such a fun night for us! Eric also loved the fishing derby. I hope that he can do this again next year!

"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3:17

Hugs, Sharon

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