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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo! Parte dos!

Yesterday I posted about our Cinco de Mayo party and as promised, here are the rest of the pictures from our celebration. It was a beautiful day and tradition dictates that we all go outside and play in the yard before dinner!
First we headed to the backyard and played on the trampoline and played with our dog, Blondie.
Then we headed to the front yard and walked on stilts out in the street! Seriously Cameron... flip flops on stilts???? What are ya think'n?
Megan is offering Mackenzie a drink while silting, but for obvious reasons, it didn't quite work.
Grayson, Cameron and Mackenzie.
Grayson helping Rachelle.
Danny looks like he's mastered this new skill!
Megan's having difficulty...
But a little help from Cameron and by George, I think she's got it!
Mackenzie being silly with Grayson.
Brittany stayed close to the ground and was taking photos.
It's so fun when we are all out in the street playing!
I love it!
It reminds me of the old days when they were all little!
It was such a beautiful evening, the weather was perfect.
I love sunny evenings like this, it's so pretty when the sun starts setting.
Nice dismount Hayden!
Mackenzie looks like he's having a great time!
Grayson giving Rachelle a piggy-back ride.
Mackenzie giving Brittany one too!
Time to eat!!!
Rachelle waiting to put toppings on her burrito.
We all had so much fun!
Hayden with his creation!
Dan enjoying his meal!
Brittany made a beautiful cake for dessert.
What a great Cinco de Mayo we had! I love getting together with the family for any reason! It is always such fun, but it makes it extra fun to make things more memorable with special food, decorations, games and music and to turn them into traditions! If you invite them....they will come! :0)

"Your great love, oh God, reaches to the skies, Your truth to the heavens. God, You are supreme above the skies. Let Your glory be over all the earth." Psalm 108:4-5

Hugs, Sharon

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