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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My warped family!

A few months ago we purchased a new Apple computer and one day when the kids were over Cameron was playing around on it and discovered that we have a fun program called Photo Booth.
It takes normal pictures of you just as if you were in one of those old time photo booths, but the amazing and fun thing is it also takes hilarious warped pictures! Here are some of my favorite photos. Man, we were all laughing so hard, we were crying! This is really a great program!
Kenzie has a bright idea....
He'll clone Brittany and get double the kisses! Ha!
Oh Mackenzie, you have such a big brain!
And here's your beautiful wife who looks a little like an airhead in this picture!
Nice Priscilla Presley bouffant hairdo Brittany!
Hayden and Eric seeing what it will do to our puppy Blondie. She looks so tiny in this picture with huge long legs!!!
Nice to see that you take such great care of your teeth Hayden!
Planet of the Apes!
Double trouble!
Three eyes!
He's so cute when he's mad! lol He actually looks like he could be some evil villain in a Batman episode!
Some people say that Hayden's square!
Is my nose too big?
Is my left eye too small?
I'm a block head!
I should have been a model! hahaha!
Grayson getting double kisses from Rachelle!
She just now realized what she was kissing! Haha!
Cameron, Jessica and Victoria. This is so hilarious!
Love it!
My lovely sister, Kathi and I.
We've aged beautifully, haven't we! haha!
My amazingly attractive sister, Kathi....
...and her beautiful daughter, Jessica! They have the same gorgeous jawline!
This one just cracks me up!
Freaky! What happened to Garrett's nose? There are so many different editing options to choose from. Besides all the fun ones above, there are many more such as...
The Fun House Mirror...
The Whirlpool.
Nuclear Radiation.
Ghostly X-Ray.
Soft Cartoony Colors.
Comic Book.
Pencil Sketch.
The Andy Warhol look.
Hmmm....I'd say that the Photo Booth program on the computer is pretty darn fun!

Ha ha! What fun! I hope all of you have a very happy weekend!

"Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with shouts of joy." Psalm 126:2a

Hugs! Sharon

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