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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I finally figured it out!

I've always noticed these super cute little flowering trees and always wondered what they were. I would love to have one in my yard.
I saw this cute one growing in front of this house, so I drove by slowly and snapped a picture of it so I could research it on the internet. I am so excited that I finally learned what it is! It's called a Dogwood tree. Isn't it adorable!
They have the cutest little blossoms. Actually, for the size of the tree, the blossoms are pretty big. They are almost cartoon like, I think that's what I adore about them!
They are so old fashioned looking. I just love them! They either have white blossoms or pink. I think I prefer the white.
I definitely will have to put this on my wish list for Mother's day!

As a side note, I think this is the cutest little house. It was a fixer-upper when these people bought it and they have transformed it into such a darling place. I drive by it every day and have enjoyed watching the metamorphosis. They painted it this pretty soft sage green with black trim and added cute windows with shutters. They got a new black door and flanked it with two classic cement planters with topiaries growing. They also painted the cement stairs black. I love the landscaping too. It's small, but it's very tasteful and classic, they did a great job!

"Let the trees in the woods sing for joy before the Lord." I Chronicles 16:33

Hugs, Sharon


Judy said...

I love flowering dogwoods, but have never had one in my yard. This one is pretty.

redsockmama said...

Sharon, Only have a second to post today, but google the legend of the dogwood tree. It's a wonderful story!

A Romantic Porch said...

Dogwoods grow wild in Arkansas where I grew up. OH they are beautiful. "Google"...the Legend of the Dogwood. You will love the tree and blooms even more when you read that. I sent you an email but I don't know if it went to the right address?. xo rachel

Shelley said...

Our woods are full of these very special Dogwood trees here in East Texas...they are one of my favorite trees....there is a very special story behind these trees...but,I see someone has already mentioned that fact :) Did you research them? You will love the story....blessings

Sharon said...

Yes ,dear friends, I have heard that legend of the Dogwood tree before and just re-read it again because of your recommendations. It is a beautiful story and a great reminder of what Christ has done for us!

Hugs, Sharon

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