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with my sweet family that the Lord has blessed me with
and the day in, day out things that we do.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy birthday to my father-in-law!

My father-in-law turned 75! The family gathered together to celebrate at a fun restaurant. We gave him a gift certificate for 18 holes of golf!
Several of the grandkids were able to make it!
Me with my wonderful father-in law and mother-in-law.
Eric's sister, Stacey and her hubby, Jim, Eric and I and Jim and Alice.
Grandchildren, Monique, her boyfriend, Grant, Grayson, Hayden, Cameron, sleepy Mackenzie and Brittany.
Mmmmm! Jim ordered fish and chips!
Mmmm! I ordered a French Dip!
Time for a birthday dessert!
Make a wish!
Instead of blowing it out he snuffed it out with his fingers!
Happy birthday Jim! We love you!

"God bless you and keep you, God smile on you and gift you, God look you full in the face and make you prosper." Numbers 6:24-26

Hugs, Sharon


adsgram said...

What a handsome FIL you have Sharon. He surely doesn't look his age. The whole family looks wonderful and it's so nice you were all able to be together for such a special celebration!


Sharon said...

Thanks Lynne! I'll have to tell him that! :0) He's such a nice man too!

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