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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A fun day with Brittany!

It's a beautiful morning and I've got places to go and people to see!
I'm planning a really fun girls day with a very special girl..... beautiful daughter-in-law, Brittany!
I picked her up at the darling home and got to see my son Mackenzie too.
We have a busy, fun day planned!
The first thing we did was go to a big multi-school cheer leading competition. My friend, Wanda (on the left) is part owner of a competitive cheer leading club and she invited us. Here she is with her sister Wendy.
Wanda and I go way back to the 7th grade! I have known these girls for many years and just love them!
Brittany and I were blown away by the talent we got to see!
These girls were so talented.
They are so athletic and strong...
...but also so graceful and beautiful!
We had a great time watching. It was really exciting.
Wanda's daughter was cheering in this group.
They did really great!
Here's Haley after her competition. Isn't she cute!
Wanda and Haley.
Later they had the special needs girls cheer.
They did such a great job!
They took it so serious and worked very hard! I'm so proud of them!
After that we went out for a delicious lunch and had a great talk. Then we spent several hours at thrift stores. We both found great treasures!
Then we decided we wanted a treat, so we went to this fun yogurt store.
You build your own yogurt sundae with all of these fabulous toppings!
It was hard to decide what to put on mine!
I ended up with chocholate and strawberry yogurt with choclate topping and chocolate chips.
Brittany picked chocolate and vanilla yogurt and she topped hers with Oreos and sprinkles!
We had so much fun together! But it's not over!!!
After that we went to the high school to watch Hayden's basketball game!
We met Eric and Mackenzie there too!
We ended our fun day with a win and even a final basket by Hayden! Yea!!! 

I cannot tell you how blessed I am with my sweet daughter-in-love. She is an answer to prayer and a blessing from above! I am so thankful for her and for our fun day today!

"This is the day which the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Hugs, Sharon

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